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Have you ever felt unworthy,unwanted,helpless,foolish, etc,and just wished you never
have been born. Other times we feel awsom,joyful,useful,helpful, grateful,etc, of the life
we are living. Now if you never felt like this, you truly are unique,one of a kind to not have
had experienced these types of emotions, but for those of us that have experienced them
we pretty much think it’s just part of our everyday lifestyle.
HappyPerson 9222253 Emotions define who we are,our personality is wrapped around them.
Do you know someone who is always grumpy,angry,mad, most of the time. I do.
always complaining of things and just never satisfied. Who the hell wants to be near
them, certainly not me, take that emotion and stick it were the sun don’t shine!.Now
on the other hand, someone who is happy,joyful,freindly, etc,can certainly make
another persons day, especially if that person was having a bad one.

WOMAN-WITH-CANE   One day years back, I encountered a lady, who was having just one of those days,
very mad,upset, she was yelling on the phone as I walked into her office, I needed the key
for the mailbox, to check the mail for a friend, my ex wife and I were staying with
at the time. The lady, ran the mobile home park, anyways, I never met her before, she
turned to me, angrily and yelled.” NOW JUST WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU WANT.!,”
Always_RejoiceI was not angry or upset as she was, so I replied, ” You know, the Bible says, that
this is the day the Lord has made and we should rejoice and be glad in it.”,” so
from this moment foward, you will have a great day..” She just looked at me and
for a minute, didn’t know how to respond , all of a sudden, she smiled and said.
” Thank you so much for that, It really made my day” Her emotions changed at a
blink of a eye. My emotion won her over. This does not happen all the time, I’m sure.
We all feed of of other people’s emotions, whether we know it or not.You
may have started your day in a great mood,but as the day drags on, people that
you may encounter will certainly have a big part in your mood changes depending
on what type of emotions they are feeling at that moment.We change our moods
due to bills, stress, or a million other things that we experience on a daily basis.
How we handle those emotions and situations depends on us. One thing I have
learned is that I control my emotions, if I let someone take away the happy
feeling I started out with, it’s my fault,because their emotion won over mine,but
on the other hand, if my emotion wins them over,they would be like the lady
I encountered at the mobile home park.
Next time you are feeling happy, just don’t let anyone rob your joy, I
know it’s not easy, beleive me, but if you try and stay happy througout your
day, I am sure whoever you encounter, during that day, who may have had
a bad one, will be won over by your emotion.


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