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Recently I have been hearing the word “gluton free”, gluton free diet,foods,etc, and I am not too much into this type of way of eating. We ( who love to eat), will always have the battle of the bulge, so to speak, the foods we love the most seem to be just very bad for us. Now I am not nocking this gluton free way or foods down, I’m sure it is a very healthy way of eating, especially if one wants to lose some weight. The problem with that, is if your like me, once we get so used to eating the foods we eat, we all of a sudden want to lose weight and be more healthy, especially when we getting up in age. We research diets,fads,or whatever to find out which is the best foods to eat, diet to be on, and so on.


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I myself, am not on a diet, they just don’t work for me.
Every time I tried to shed the pounds and stay on a certain type of diet, that took me away from all the deliciouse foods that I crave, it worked for awhile, but for some reason or other I found myself back into my old habits. It is like a drug, when one is a drug user,wants to get clean, ends up in jail or whatever, once they are stable, most of the times they end up back in the rut again, “fall of the Wagon”, so to speak.

Experience has taught me this much, everytime I tried a diet and lost weight,felt better,more energy,bla bla, how is it I end up slowly but surely gaining back my weight, and before I know it, I not only gained back the original pounds,but they brought their family pack with them,and now I am bigger than I was before!,. and so that is where I discovered what has been working for me.


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A very good friend of mine, had the same problem, she is very active, and works around her house daily, but has had problems with her back, and weight,now she has tried many different types of diets, and just was so disappointed that her pounds were not coming off..she never really gained any more weight, she just couldn’t seem to get the weight she wanted to lose off. So again she did research and she started to do a type of fast, she is very close with God, she told me God has told her to fast, and that is what she did., she has changed her way of eating, she eats very healthy, fruits veges, yogourt, and has stayed with her regime, for some time now, and wow, what a change, she has not only lost weight, her back is better, she is stronger,and really looks good, oh by the way..forgot to mention..she is 71 yrs old.! when I seen how her body has transformed, it was a eye opener for me, so to speak. I thought, ” if this woman who is at the age she is, can still be determined to lose her weight and meet her goal, What damn excuse do I have”..!.
she is all of you people out there who think your too old..well wake up..your not, it’s all in your head!!!..start being more active, and do it slowly, especially if your up in age..if it works for you fine,,if your happy and content with your life style now..that is good too..but if you go around and complain or make lame excuses that your too old..well let me tell you, your not,..she has proved this.!

I have started to change my way of eating, but to me it all starts with God, of course, and the mind frame..your mind is the ruler of your body, not the other way around, too many times we let our bodies speak for us, and the mind is like, ” hey, who’s the boss here..your organs or me!!!”..but we give that power to the body.


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Every here the old saying, ” you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it”. ( not sure if that is how it goes., but you get the picture.). That is a very true statement. I have done that and frankly, so have you,without realizing it.
everytime you say ” I am going to go workout today,or cut the grass, clean my car, etc”. and put your mind to it, at that moment it is true, but when the day comes for you to go out and do it,,your body intervenes, and starts making excuses.
“Your too tired, wait till the beginning of the week, hey it’s too cold,too hot, sleep in longer,”, once you listen to your body your mind just lost. We have all done this,right.

I don’t check my weight every 2 days, count calories, eat the same foods I have been, just added less on my plate, or anything related to that, I just started sustituting foods, for example,. I had fried potatoes and eggs every morning,toast, bla bla bla, well now,, I have set my mind to change that. now I have yogurt, or bowl of fruit, small bowl of cereal, etc.
yea my body is craving and begging me to eat some fried foods, but my mind will pass, take it day by day,.

my body will always fight with my mind, it is the main problem with us, but just remember this, your mind is a very powerful organ, and it controls all the organs in your body, so just let it guide you and eventually your body will give in and follow what the mind says.,

I do eat some foods that I enjoy, I want to enjoy my foods, your body will tell you what you need,if you need say potasium, it may crave a food with potasium in it. then when it does do that, go ahead and eat it.

We have to eat some fat, but don’t over do it, just be determined in your mind first and everything else will fall into has worked for me, and hopefully it will help you too.


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My first step in changing my ways..was training my mind, getting it prepared for the long haul, then once it is set in motion, the body next, getting into a workout routine, if your not into working out..walk,,it is good for you, walk down the street to the corner, and back, do it, it’s not hard,( then once you do that for week or so, go farther,not too much but always add, before you know it, your up to a mile!!,get the picure} and let’s be realistic here, if your crippled then of course that is out, but if not, just try it, or stretch in the whatever type of excercise you want, but do it, in time your mind,body,and way of eating will be in stride together with you., no more falling off the wagon, this is your process, how ever long it takes you, fine do it, everyday you make progress your ways of eating and living healthy will reward has so for me..hope this helps.




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