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              Today I was down in my hometown to visit family and had a chance to see some ” Youth Football games”,(our team is called ” Guadalupe Bulldogs”) I thought it was so cool, seeing alot of young kids playing their hearts out for their families and hometown. I chatted with friends, some whom I haven’t seen in so long and seen their kids and grandkids playing. This is a great thing to see. The support was great also, and not only from home teams, there were families that brought along all the kids,friends, snacks,lunches, water, for the whole team. These are the moments kids remember,the fun,loyalty, inspiration they get from just playing, Win or lose the kids have fun, and that is what is most important. 


       My cousin and Brother are coaches for the senior class,( My cousin, was actually one of the many coaches that helped bring back youth football to our town). there are many other classes also, with great coaches who help run this program. Most local towns participate also,they come as far as Hour away to play. There are even professional photographers taking pictures of the kids running,catching,hitting, they have them displayed for parents to see them and purchase them if they wish. I know every town is different and Youth Football have different outcomes, depending on the towns people or the locals that run that particular program. One thing is for sure, I do believe that some of the kids go on to play in high school, college and end up in the N.F .L. all because they had people that cared enough to give them a opportunity to better their lives.My hats off to all the parents who sacrafice not only their time and support,but the love,support  and dedication they give to their kids.


             Living in a barrio that has alot gang activity, and a lot of parents trying to raise their kids on low income, It’s hard for them to make ends meet., but if they didn’t do this for their kids,(getting them involved in some type of sports program) those same kids most likely would end up in a gang and live that type of life style, becuase they had no other opportunity to make a better choice with their free time. Schools do have certain types of programs to help the kids, but as sad to say, it’s just not enough. Football takes their time and energy . When they get out of school, they have to go t so practice, and by the time they get home, eat, do their homwork ther’re too tired too do anything else, they just want to sleep. We have seen many stories of how great N.F.L players were in the same situatiaon, and went to become great athletes, but it all start s at home, with “Youth Fooball”. I am just glad we have it back in our town, to give our kids the opportunity they had.

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