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Missing you when your so far away from me,
How I wish you could be cloned,
Missing you, when I can’t look in your eyes and see,
Your smile, feeling your touch, no longer alone.


Missing your pretty laugh, the way you kiss,
Missing your sweet touch, when we are together,
The way I feel when I’m with you, I truly will miss,
Having you near me, makes life so much better.


You have become part of me, since you entered my life,
Missing the way we joke and laugh, holding hands or each other,
If I had noticed you long ago, I would have asked you to be my wife,
We would have had many kids.becoming a Father and a Mother.


I only know now, that I truly miss you more and more,
I know that I will see you soon again some day,
So I will hold on to that moment, when you walk thru the door,
Missing you, every time your so far away.



I see you in pictures, looking at me with those beautiful eyes,
Makes me sometimes wonder, why around you I was so shy,
Your smile takes my breath away, so no matter were you are,
I will forever be so close, and never very far.

Sometimes when I think of you, I let my mind take me away,
walking along the beach, hearing the sounds of ocean waves,
Holding you close to me, while I’m whispering in your ear,
“I will forever always love you ,till my dying breath, my Dear”.


Why is it at times I feel you close,but yet so very far?,
I can almost feel your touch, no matter where you are
Sometimes I see you dancing, and watch your every move,
As you take me by my hand, and then we start to groove.


Again I close my eyes,and hear that beautiful laugh of yours,
Your love is like a potion,running throughout my pours,
It is your love that keeps me going, even when times get hard,
Even though I feel you close, but yet so very far.



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