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NFL: Dallas Cowboys at St. Louis Rams


Well here we go again, Rams fans, is this another cinderella “Kurt Warner” story for us?. I remember when Austin Davis was a rookie, in 2012, he was on fire, sharp and very energetic. When he took the field the team rallied und him and they actually played better with him than our starter then Sam Bradford. Some how he was pushed to the end of his class back then, never started, or used in a backup situation, considering the fact that first, he was only a rookie, was the 4th string QB, behind some talented QB’s we had on our roster, so in a way it was a blessing. He was never put in a tough situation, and who knows, if he had been put in then, in the same situation he was put in now, would he have been just as good?, I don’t believe he would have, I truly believe we are a team on the rise, and we had a gold mine lucky ace, in the hole right under our noses, but nobody ever really knew. I truly believe that someone on the coaching staff seen the talent of this kid.

One thing I love about fisher, is that he knows talent. I think he was the one who seen talent in Austin Davis. Last season he was not a quarterback that had reached his potential, and he still isn’t, His worst season to me, was last year, He played very poorly, threw interceptions, was not as accurate, and alot of other things that I won’t get into right now. Jeff Fisher to me, always believed in this kid, if not he would not have brought him back, and there was our blessing, some how, when he was cut from the rams, for whatever reason, I believe it made Austin Davis grow up, He needed to prove to himself, that if he were just given one more chance, to be on a N.F.L. team, he would play his heart and soul out for them. Austin Davis is a leader, first he believes in himself, he knows his potential, he has handled tough sitations as a unexperienced QB, in the toughest division in pro football, and has progressed. I would take this kid and put him againts any QB in the and he would come out on top,

Jeff Fisher now knows he has a QB. The recievers now know they have someone that they can rally behind and make him shine, But most important, the team has seen their future leader. Austin Davis didn’t break Brett Farrs record in college by accident, no, he earned that win,and we see it now, I am so glad we have a ” gladiator” leader on our team, no need to look elsewhere for a QB, in my opinion, rams need to drop Bradford, save some money and go out and get some more talented players to help take this team to another level. We ram fans are on the rise, Rome was not built in a day, and neither will this dynasty be. We are going to win superbowls,and if the coaches on our staff right now don’t get their head out of their asses and start shaping up, they will be gone.!!

this starts unfortately with fisher, He to me, is a great coach, and I truly believe he will get tough with whoever doesn’t do their job on his staff, that starts with Our offense corrordinator, Scotty Shottenhiemerer, either he starts to get some BALLS, and make call the plays he needs to, instead of this nickle and dime crap, he must go, but fisher has to let him do it too, fisher needs to somehow understand that the only way he is going to get a championship team, is he might have to change his strategy, With Bradford , it started with the running game, but now with Austin Davis, I believe we need to mix it up, Pass, play action, then run and screens..We need to go and have some type of “WEST COAST STYLE” of plays.

Now one thing we really need to look at is the damn Defense, We need the D that was promised to us, by Gregg Williams, hell, his son, had a better D, in 2012, then we were bad ass, I don’t see it now, so come Gregg, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS, and get this D in gear,if we plug up this crack, we will not have no more leaks,and we will WIN,WIN,WIN!!!.. everytime.
This is my opinion, ok, you can either agree with me or not, I don’t care, but the only thing I do care about is that one, RAMS COME BACK TO L.A., THIS IS YOUR HOME, ALWAYS WAS,AND ALWAYS WILL BE..second, WE NOW HAVE A QB THAT IS YOUNG, TALENTED,AND CAN WIN US MANY SUPERBOWLS, IF WE CAN JUST HELP HIM OUT, And third,WE SHUT SHOW EVERYONE ONCE AND FOR ALL, THAT WE ARE THE TEAM TO BEAT.GO RAMS..!!!

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