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1Jesus        Praying-Hands-2007
Today is a day for all of us to be thankful to the man above,
For giving us so much and enjoying this day with those we love,
Today is a day for family’s to come together for one Big Feast,
For Mom and Dad, seeing their kids, grandkids, and plenty of food to eat.

An employee's Prayer to God    give_thanks_to_god

Let us stop for one minute..and take the time to bow, and pray,
Thanking God, for our family that is safe and with us this day,
Also remembering those we still love and miss, that have passed away,
Thinking of how they made our lives so special in their own way.

turkey      thanksgivingDinner

When gathered at the Table with all the Turkey,stuffing hams and pies
Let us take the time and each one Tell Jesus what your thankful for this year,
Thank him for something special, that he has done for you in your life,
I believe when all have thanked him, there will be peace, and no dry eyes.

FAMILY PICS 018   10609727_1529127783968009_2556811261840263472_n 

Let me start by sharing my thanks to God for all he done for me,
For all the good times and cheers, with my whole family,
I thank you Lord, for another day of life, for my family, freedom, and peace we have,
I thank you Lord, for my kids who are grown and well , for My Mom and Dad,

1602150_1497703743818047_1844613283713384269_o  10629794_1497705273817894_761707276031013452_n  20150413_142615

I thank you Lord, for my family and friends that are a blessing to me in my life,
I thank you Lord..for the memories, of my family and friends that have past,
I thank you Lord for another year of your arms wrapped sheilding all my family,
Jesus, I mostly thank you, for your spirit, that continues to live inside of me.



jesus-christ-pics-2204     how-to-pray

How do we say thanks for all that you have done for us Lord,

Why must we wait for a blessing from above to worship you,

We should give thanks everyday,whether in a good mood or bored,

For all that you have provided for us,and for especially being so true

An employee's Prayer to God       give_thanks_to_god

Why do we only pray, when we need something from you Lord,

Why do some of us pray for our food only on Thanksgiving day,

We should always be in praise, and always in one accord,

Why do we ask for your forgiveness, but yet continue in our ways.


We are a country without repentance , and that is why we are in a desperate situation,

I am so ashamed, that you have spilled your preciouse blood,for sinners like us,

We have taken you out of our hearts,schools, and have become a spoiled nation,

We have given into temptation, time after time,and have lost your love,and trust.


May we one day, turn our hearts back unto you, and remember when we called on your name,

May we one day, get down on our knees and beg you for all the wrong we have created,

This world we live in is headed for disaster, and we will only have ourselves to blame,

We let the devil in, and let him deceive us, with his ways and he became related.

pray             man praying

I give you thanks today Lord, for another day of life,

I give you thanks today Lord, for not waking up in a burning hell,

I give you thanks today Lord, for my daily food, and strife,

I give you thanks today Lord, for my family and kids who are well.


I thank you Lord, for the roof you put over my head,

For the times when I didn’t know you, and you blessed me anways,

I thank you oh Lord, for the times that I could have been dead,

I thank you oh Lord, for the angels and hearing me, when I prayed.


But most of all, I thank you Lord, for not turning your back on me,

For never quitting , when I was blind and couldn’t see,

For all those times, when I felt alone and couldn’t find my way,

And for surrounding me with angels, and your love, each and every day.

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