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  b2d9732548a4b1745d86fc1228b19745   Sip-Mar-12-Wine-Loft2

I often wonder.. how it would feel to hold you near me,

To be able to taste your lips as they press next to mine,

I often wonder.. if your body will shake, as we kiss passionately,

While we watch the waves come in, sipping sweet wine.

263d0717175e4df397c2228129e2c983  honey

I sometimes imagine us laughing, making funny faces at each other,

Having a pillow fight, and enjoying each others company,

Just to see your smile, and hear your laugh, makes me wonder,

How being with you, would be like tasting sweet honey.

user363315924  th

I often it would be to dance with you,

Hypnotized by your beauty, lost in your bedroom eyes,

As my heart pounds rapidly, with a passion so true,

Knowing your my lady, having you always by my side.

  whispering  tumblr_lf4y24NjL11qdspi2o1_500

When I think about you, nothing else seems to matter,

I hear your voice, as you whisper something in my ear,

You tell me how I make you feel special, I am so flattered,

I kiss you softly on your neck, your skin so soft my dear.

chain of love

This love I have for you, has me in shackles and chains,

I want you so much, and often wonder if you ever feel the same,

Your the one, that has my heart so flustered ,so tamed,

Your the only woman, who’s love drives me crazy and insane.

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