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th th

To a very special lady, on this special romantic Day,
Letting you know, your in my heart, in very special way,
Wish I could hold you, and whisper sweet nothings in your ear,
Would spill my heart out to you, while holding you oh so near.

I wish I could sing my song to you, that has always been in my heart,
Just want you to know, my Valentine, that I loved you from the start.
I think of you often, and memorized your all your beauty within,
Your love is deep in my soul, your look,smile,and that pretty little grin.

th  cherry-heart

My sweet Valentine, my feelings for you will never ever change,
You are, my queen, I am yours to command, any time night or day.
Sorry I have no Bouquet or  Red Roses, or cherry filled hearts to give you,
Just my heart with feelings of love, that is always so pure and true.

So enjoy this day, knowing that I am there with you always, my dear,
Sure you always have known, these feelings that are so clear.
No one will ever know, the way you make me feel,
You will always be my Valentine, who’s love is oh so real.

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