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Well as another year has passed, and a new one begins,

Time to make those sesolutions, and start all over again,

Out with the old, on with the new, so the story goes,

this is what we do each year, in case you didn’t know.

20160605_165437_resized         is-4

Some join a gym, try to get in shape, others buy new clothes,

Thrift stores, makes  a good profit, once new items are sold,

Handing hammy downs to family, or donating  to charity,

These are just some things we do, while trying to get some clarity.

is-3       thanksgivingDinner

Companies come out with new policies,hoping to make a change,

Chefs invent new recepies, hoping others haven’t done the same,

Car dealearships show off their new line of automobiles,

While most of us get ready for new things and thrills.

Beautiful-Baby-Couple-Kissing  muscle-cars-hd-wallpaper-13

Each year we remember those no longer with us,who will truly be missed,

Some of us experience new things, like a new love or first kiss,

Whatever you New Year brings to you, never forget Yesteryear,

Here’s a toast the old, and to the new, with wine and good cheer.









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