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Tonight, as I was sitting here , you popped into my head,
I put on a song, looking at your pictures, before heading to bed.
Remembering the first time I kissed your lips, setting my soul on fire,
Never before, has a woman touched me , with such passion and desire.

When I look into your eyes, I get lost in your beauty, losing my mind
Feeling a space in my heart that had been gone for a very long time,
I cherish each moment we spend together, laughing,kissing,making love,
Did you know, just how you caught my heart like a ball landing in a glove.

I never met someone that knows me better than I seem to know myself,
Someone who’s passion is strong, wild, that can’t be contained on a shelf.
My love for you, has made me realize, that your the only one I want and need,
So the next time your looking in my eyes, you will know for yourself and see.

You my lady, are the one who finally stole my heart, and make me so very happy,
Your the one who heals me , when I am mad or maybe feeling so crappy,
I could list all the reasons why I love you so very much, my Queen,
So I will end with this, that I will be yours for all eternity.



That first kiss was all I needed, to show me your the one,

Your lips pressed next to mine, was exciting and so much fun,

How was I to know that one kiss from you, would set me on fire,

That first kiss, not so long ago, wet and full of lust-full desire.


That first kiss just made me melt and put me in such a daze,

My heart skipped, jumped and jolted my body, I was so amazed,

My knees got weak, hands started to shake, eyes were spinning and rolling,

That first Kiss, did all that wow, I was caught in your web, it was so controlling.


That first kiss, was so great, made me even forget my first name,

Your tongue was like desert, so moist sweet tasting, like frosting on a cake,

I have kissed many girls before, but none of them did to me what that kiss did,

That first kiss,was so good, I want to put it in a jar and seal it with a lid.

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