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“Little she asked,A lot she gave”, words written on her tombstone,
Grandma Carmen, had a big heart of Gold, to all who knew her,
Grandma, taught me many things, when I was young, not fully grown
I used to love to watch her cook.eating her “chili de pato” down to the bone.

I know she loved her family, sacrificed a lot for all of us to live on,
She was so full of life, and accomplished a lot before she was gone,
Grandma Carmen, left her legacy and traits in everyone of us.
Mom took after her kindness,cooking and cleaning, never really fussed.

10696344_1497703740484714_3351940539632590635_n               10344800_1497704510484637_1138732584346332702_n

I took after her cooking, because it is something I knew she loved to do,
She would make Tamales, chili con carne, menudo, just to name a few,
We all have her Yhaki blood, and stubborn heads, always proud of our race,
Grandma Carmen. I wished u could see us now, with your smile and grace,

My Grandma Carmen, was a woman who sacrificed a lot, my mom told me,
She worked hard every day, to cloth and put food on the table for her family,
I remember how she would always buy donuts for all of her grandkids,
If she was alive today, would be doing it all still, this is who she is.

Thank you Grandma Carmen, for being the best grandma a boy could have,
For all your sacrifice, and hard work, when times were really bad,
I know your smiling down , from heaven, with arms spread and beautiful smile,
Your familia, misses you so much, Take care, see you soon, love, your grandchild.





Louis Santana, was a man I knew, always known for his western wear,
Long white sideburns,curled end mustach, always in a stetson hat,
Slick blue jeans, shiny colored boots, who never wore a dirty pair.
Always with a smile,danced once in while, Louis was known for that.

Loved his family, fought in the war, always drove a shiny car,
Mexican music, his true love was Milly, sometimes sang in a bar,
He was known for his “stenson hats”, wore one almost everyday,
Had black ones,and brown ones, but always loved the gray.

I will always remember, his smile and good manners,and love for his family,
He had regrets, for things done in the past, wished he could take back,
I always told him,“ We’ve all have done them”, and paid the penalty,
“And if people won’t forgive, that is on them, and they can kiss our ass.”

I loved this man, who knew how to dance, to all his Mexican tunes,
He talked of his kids, Louie and Victor, but Olivia was his special one,
We talked all the time, and he told me things, no one else ever knew,
As I drove him around, We would laugh and frown, always having fun.

“THE STETSON MAN” a name that fit, for he had so many of them,
Boxed very neat, wrapped up in plastic, everyone looked brand new,
He took pride in his hats, everyone knew that, he wore one till the end
I miss my friend, think of him now and then, looking very cool.

The next time you see, a man in a stetson, remember my friend for me,
You would have loved him, for his class and devotion, for all his family,
Not sure when he started, his love for stenson’s, maybe when he was a kid.
I never knew anyone, who loved these hats, the way Louis Santana did,

In his stenson hat, dressed to impress, always in shiny boots,
Nice pressed shirt, pressed blue jeans , always looking grand,
Driving his car, hearing a song, sometimes dressed in a suit,
But most of all, I will never forget, my friend, “ THE STETSON MAN”.



Yesterday, was one of the best days I enjoyed. Great food with family and friends.There is just nothing else that can replace these times and as always, We miss the ones who were not able to make it or where having their own celebration holiday at their own homes.
It’s also great to share stories, past and present, meet new people,who have or may become family down the road. Just to be able to go over to your mom’s, grandmas,sisters,brothers house and able to celebrate a nice holiday,seeing all the kids run around, and how they have grown, or us adults who have grown older,or have gained or lost weight since the last time we seen each other,etc, but most of all able to share new family moments together. We make video’s or take picutures, send them to family who were not able to share these great times, or maybe just add them to our family pictures or albums of collections of ” family moments”. Anyways isn’t all this what  the holidays are all ablout?

Yesterday, my brother manuel and sister in law, liz, besides making great food, and having us all over their beautiful home, with a very nice set upr for everyone, they handed out out cards and had everyone write down what they were thankful for and after they had them put in a container, handed them out to everyone, and we all took turns reading the card we had, and tried to guess who wrote it.I thought that was very nice, at the time, I really didnt focuse on what I was truly thanful for, so I just wrote down, I was thanful for each and every day, My sister in law- liz, when she heard my card, told me, “no this is not you, your the writer, I figured you were going to write a poem or something,” well honestly, I was just not in the writing mood, but now that I have rested,eaten and thought about it, I feel I am ready and want to do it again, my way. So Liz,Manuel and everyone else was there I will make my statement now, on what I am truly thankful for the most:


First and formost, I am truly thankful to God, for another day of life.

I am thankful to my Mom and Dad, for all the years, you both have struggled but found a way to keep food on our table,clothes on our backs and a roof over our heads. For raising brats like us, (lol), who have caused you some pain, headaches and worries, thru the years. Thank you for letting us have our friends over and the great B.B. Q’S, we had on weekends, but most of all for loving us,and for all your sacrafices you make and still continue to do for all the family, I am not only speaking for me, but for my brothers also, I am sure they agree.

I am thankful to my ex wife, Linda who took care of me in many ways, and for all the good times we shared together while we were married, may you truly find happiness wherever you are living.

I am thankful to my ex wife Nancy, for raising my 2 daughters we had together, for all the sacrafice and stuggle  you encountered thru the years, but through it all found a way to make ends meet. For keeping them safe, and mostly for keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table, for all that you have done, there will always be a special place in my heart for you.


I am thankful for my daughters, Nancy and Amanda,for being part of my life, and the best thing that ever happened to me. you both make me proud. thank you for helping me see life diffently,changing my ways, if it wasn’t for you 2, I would have went down the wrong road I was heading for years back, but the love that I have in my heart for the both of you changed my direction and me, so thank you my precious angles for making your dad a better man. I will love you both now and forever, even in my next life, after death.


I am thankful for my oldest brother Manuel, who was the first to kick my ass, when I was a pain in his as we were growing up, for the example he has shown and continues to show with his actions as a brother,father,grandfather and leader of us “bonanza kids” thank you for all the times you took care of us when mom and dad were on their vacation for them, all parents we know need their own alone time, so thank you for giving them that  time, and being in charge of the us brats. You have shown me, what being a marine is all about. even though I never served, myself.


I am thankful for my brother David, for being so tough also, and along with my brother manuel, showing me how to fight, not to back down from any man, and how to always back up your family in any time of need or whatever situation they may be in at the time. Thank you david, for showing me how to dance,dress and how to meet chicks. to me you were ” joe cool”, always having a good time and enjoying spending time with your friends, cruising and enjoying great music, I only wished you were still here with us today, to see how you have been a great part of our lives, I miss you alot, think and dream of you always, and always try to be like you, in some ways, God took part of all our hearts when you were taken from us so young in your life, may you rest in peace brother, we all love and miss you dearly.


I am thankful to my brother Bobby,who has helped me many times when I needed help not only mentally, but financially. I  thank you brother,for not giving a second thought for all  the times I needed your help, and for always being there not only for me, but for all your family, you have a heart of gold, and I am so blessed to have a brother like you.

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I am thankful for my brother Gilbert, “gibby jay” who has always had my back, took care of me,stepped in and  fought togher guys than me when we were growing up, and showing me also how to handle myself, and for when the time came for me to fight my own fights, even though he knew I could handle myself, was there to step in and take my place. thank you brother, for also changing your ways, seeing life different, and for especially helping mom and dad, cleaning the house all the time, giving them money when they needed it, for giving me things, and lending me money when I asked and  just being the kind of brother that you are, your all heart you forever.

I am thankful for all those special friends of mine, ( too many to mention, but they know who they are), who have not only had my back when trouble came our way in certain situations, but for being a true friend in times of need. and to me they are not friends, they are Familia. thank you all, for all you have done and continue to do.


Last but not least, I am truly thankful to God,for giving me the opportunity to have been blessed with eveyone in my life, for blessing me when I didn’t or don’t deserve it, for also guarding  my family, friends with his angles, againts all the wickedness of the devil,and his demons, spiritually, that attack us daily.For blessing this nation of ours even when they have turned their backs on him. Thank you lord, for the pastors, who struggle  daily to keep all your children on the right paths, and for all the prayer warriors out there praying for us all also. thank you lord for everything.





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How do we say thanks for all that you have done for us Lord,

Why must we wait for a blessing from above to worship you,

We should give thanks everyday,whether in a good mood or bored,

For all that you have provided for us,and for especially being so true

An employee's Prayer to God       give_thanks_to_god

Why do we only pray, when we need something from you Lord,

Why do some of us pray for our food only on Thanksgiving day,

We should always be in praise, and always in one accord,

Why do we ask for your forgiveness, but yet continue in our ways.


We are a country without repentance , and that is why we are in a desperate situation,

I am so ashamed, that you have spilled your preciouse blood,for sinners like us,

We have taken you out of our hearts,schools, and have become a spoiled nation,

We have given into temptation, time after time,and have lost your love,and trust.


May we one day, turn our hearts back unto you, and remember when we called on your name,

May we one day, get down on our knees and beg you for all the wrong we have created,

This world we live in is headed for disaster, and we will only have ourselves to blame,

We let the devil in, and let him deceive us, with his ways and he became related.

pray             man praying

I give you thanks today Lord, for another day of life,

I give you thanks today Lord, for not waking up in a burning hell,

I give you thanks today Lord, for my daily food, and strife,

I give you thanks today Lord, for my family and kids who are well.


I thank you Lord, for the roof you put over my head,

For the times when I didn’t know you, and you blessed me anways,

I thank you oh Lord, for the times that I could have been dead,

I thank you oh Lord, for the angels and hearing me, when I prayed.


But most of all, I thank you Lord, for not turning your back on me,

For never quitting , when I was blind and couldn’t see,

For all those times, when I felt alone and couldn’t find my way,

And for surrounding me with angels, and your love, each and every day.


imagesHave you ever wondered why some of us are never satisfied with what we have. When it rains, we ask for summer. When summer heat is here, we pray for rain, or fall. I bet God scratches his head at times when we do this, and probalbly thinks how ungrateful we really are.
Last week I came down to visit some family whom I don’t live far from,about hour away, but still is hard at times to get down and see them when I want, and love to spend time with them, but
after few days pass by, I just am so ready to go back home, and get back to my life there. It’s not
that I am tired or annoyed with them, It’s just we are all set in our own ways, at home we have our
way of doing things,relaxing,cooking,cleaning,etc, and when we visit or stay with family or friends
as much as we enjoy the time with them, there comes that certain feeling in us and we say, ” just can’t wait to get back home,” and be able to relaxe on my own bed,watch my t.v, cook in my own
kitchen. It’s human nature, we are natually built that way, I guess.
The funny thing with that, is when we do get back home, in our groove, doing our thing, after
while, we are back doing that thing again, ” just can’t wait to get away for awhile, I need another
vacation.” and the cycle starts all over again…like I say We are funny people.
I have learned to be very appreciative of the times that I do spend with my family,especially,
my mother,I know of friends that no longer have their mother or father with them anymore,and they
let me know how much they miss them so, I am very blessed and fortunate to have both my parents..My blood father, is gone,but my stepfather is still with my mother, and when I see them we
share such great moments such , laugh,drink,cry,and other emotions that came to us daily as we
visited. and thru all that I am truly grateful for the memories,and wouldn’t trade those times for anything.
so next time you are visiting family, just remember there will come a time when those
times will be no more, we all are here for little while then we die, that is the cycle of life,but while
we are here, and for those of us who have our parents still, charish them, and enjoy each and
every moment, because they will never come again. Even though we are ready to go home after
such a great visit,it is so hard to say goodby to them and at that moment wish we could’ve stayed
just a little longer.


Last night, after talking with a friend of mine that is down visiting her family here made me realize something. ” How committed am I to the things I truly believe in, and the people that are most important to me”?
You see ” COMMITTMENT” is something we all have but most don’t even realize, but “TRUE COMMITTMENT” is the oppossite, it is something we don’t have and pretty much know it. let me give u some examples people:
I am ” COMMITTED” to getting up every morning and having my cup of coffee before anything else.
I am ” COMMITTED”to making sure that I will take the day off tomorrow, no matter what.
I am ” COMMITTED” to hanging out with my friends today and watching the Rams take on the 40 Niners
no matter if my wife,or husband gets pissed, and has to take care of the kids!
Now, let’s turn these examples of commitment we made to ourselves, to

” I am going to be ” TRULY COMMITTED” from this day forward, in waking up every morning and thanking JESUS, for another day of life,and for keeping his hand on all my family and sending guardian angels to be with them all the day through, before I have my cup of coffee.
“I am going to be ” TRULY COMMITTED” to going in to work today, no matter how tired and lazy I feel, cause this is what I need to do to provide food and shelter for my wife and kids, even though I really feel like taking the day off.

“I am going to be ” TRULY COMMITTED” to my wife or husband, first,and if that means missing the big game today because he/she is not feeling well and needs me to help with the kids, that is what I will do, because they are first priority, and I can always record and watch the game later.

Do you see what I mean..committment is easy..cause we do it all the time..but to be ” TRULY COMMITTED” takes work,,like working out, getting up, every morning and going to the gym or taking that run, so we can lose those xtra pnds we carry around. It takes true work and “TRUE COMMITTMENT”. to accomplish those isn’t easy. .because exercising isn’t fun at all at first, but once you are again ” TRULY COMMITTED” to it, in time it starts becoming part of your every day routine.

I have made some ‘TRUE COMMITTMENTS”, and will do more, so today I challenge all of you to do the same..make a list of say 3 things that u will be ” TRULY COMMITTED” to and determined to see it thru no matter what, if u do that, I believe you will be a happier person within yourself for doing so,.because “:THIS IS HOW WE ROLL PEOPLE”, have a great day.

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