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“Little she asked,A lot she gave”, words written on her tombstone,
Grandma Carmen, had a big heart of Gold, to all who knew her,
Grandma, taught me many things, when I was young, not fully grown
I used to love to watch her cook.eating her “chili de pato” down to the bone.

I know she loved her family, sacrificed a lot for all of us to live on,
She was so full of life, and accomplished a lot before she was gone,
Grandma Carmen, left her legacy and traits in everyone of us.
Mom took after her kindness,cooking and cleaning, never really fussed.

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I took after her cooking, because it is something I knew she loved to do,
She would make Tamales, chili con carne, menudo, just to name a few,
We all have her Yhaki blood, and stubborn heads, always proud of our race,
Grandma Carmen. I wished u could see us now, with your smile and grace,

My Grandma Carmen, was a woman who sacrificed a lot, my mom told me,
She worked hard every day, to cloth and put food on the table for her family,
I remember how she would always buy donuts for all of her grandkids,
If she was alive today, would be doing it all still, this is who she is.

Thank you Grandma Carmen, for being the best grandma a boy could have,
For all your sacrifice, and hard work, when times were really bad,
I know your smiling down , from heaven, with arms spread and beautiful smile,
Your familia, misses you so much, Take care, see you soon, love, your grandchild.

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