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      As I was thinking about my Brother David, who was taken from us 38 yrs, it made me sad,mad, and happy ,,all together, funny how feelings can all go together and do this to us. I was thinking how blessed we were to have him in our lives..and never really took advantage of that, of how we just go day by day, not realizing that maybe, today will be the last time we see our loved one who’s day has come to leave this Earth  and their family, I felt sad, because, my brother had so much going for him, he was young, good looking, full of life, loved his family , music and friends,  his Mother and Son, most of all. I was mad, cause he was killed by a coward, who is still alive today, Your day will come. that I promise you.

    I am Happy because he left us a son, who reminds me of him in many he never really left, because when we have children,,and it’s our time to go, I know that they have a part of you that your family and friends will see in them, and that will bring joy and comfort. It is better than not having any children. I do feel sorrow for those that never had the opportunity to have children for their family to cherish,,even though our kids drive us Crazy, growing up..they also bless us more..they are us, and in that way, we continue to live on, thru them and their children.

  Today a thought came to me..” What was my brother thinking, that day, what did he have planned, see, we never realize, that in one moment, as the Bible says, our life here is like a twinkling of a eye…that fast..but take advantage of it, not really realizing that this is the last day for me, and as we get older, death becomes..more real, we seem to think about it more and more, cause we realize then that our time is near, but to the young, they feel they have their whole lives ahead of them..and then, THE REAPER comes. 

  I thank God daily, for my family,friends, that are still here with me, I try and enjoy each and every moment with them, no matter what occurrs. I would just like you, who has read this., to do the same, if you haven’t already, to love your family, enjoy the time, with them, hug your children, and teach them to do the same. and every time u plan a trip, or an event, say this, “
I plan to do this, If God permits me,” because Our lives are in his hands..not let us just take the time, and thank the one who has given us life. 

 Lately, we have seen so much tragedy, in our world., hurricanes, mass murder, Earthquakes, and it is scary, I beleive our time all together is getting short, It’s time we get closer to God, in our own ways, and prepare, I am not a preacher,evangelist,or anything of that nature, I believe God has put this in my heart to share with u, is all, so I have, take it as u will. I hope this message touches you in some way, and u go out and hug your family , just because they are here now.

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