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Missing the way you look at me with those beautiful eyes,and great smile,

Miss that wonderful laugh of yours, I hear every time I close my eyes and think of you,

How I wish I could just reach out and touch you, and you would say ” stay awhile”

Oh how I miss the times we shared, and talked, you so sweet, and me trying to be cool,


Sometimes I hear your voice in a dream, and your love reaches me down in my soul.

It’s like a hand that grabs me, and pulls me in, no matter how hard I try to pull away,

My feelings for you, are so powerful, it’s like a magnet, and I just can’t seem to let them go

I try to forget, because I know you don’t feell the same for me, but I just have to say,

When a man loves a woman, the way I love you , it’s a love forever,


There is just no other, that can take your place in my heart, no one has come close,

Your love is strong, it’s what keeps me going, you hold my heart like a lever,

If you pull down on it, It will fall and break, if you hold it in your hand it will bloom like a rose.

I have no control over why I feel for you the way I do, your love will follow me to my grave,

N o one knows how I truly feel for you , no one will ever know how you own my heart,

I will never stand in your way of happiness, when I get scared, your love makes me brave.

I do know, that if I had you, I will be with you always, and no one would ever break us apart.

chain of love

there have been woman I have loved, but not like the love I have always held for you,

if I never see you again, or hold you, I just want you to know, I am your slave,

no woman has possesed my soul like you have,my love is so deep and true,

your name and love will always be with me, in my heart forever engraved.


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                    Have you ever wondered why we dream?, What do dreams mean?,Why do we dream of people we hardly     know, but yet seem to see them in a dream. The one dreams that really boggles my mind is one that just doesn’t make any sense at all like, being in a place you never lived before,in a town u never seen,or seeing your ex wife there talking to you like all is fine, and your still married, then all of a sudden end up somewhere else with alot of people that you don’t even know..Maybe it’s just me, or my dreams. but if you ever had any of these types of dreams, then you know where I’m coming from. I truly believe that God has given us the gift to dream to keep or relive memories of lost loved ones, often I dream of my family or friends that have past on. I dream of them being around me, laughing hugging, enjoying a beer.

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              I have dreamed often of my dad,or brother David who has been gone for years now, and there they are smiling a t me. I am all grown up. my brother died when I was 16 and my father a few years back. anyways. I would see my brother hanging out, just the way he used to be, and I would go up to him and hug him, cry and didn’t care how he was there or why,just that I was so glad to see him, and he would look at me and tell me..”I am fine brother, just wanted to see how      your doing is all” then he was gone. I would wake with tears in my eyes and truly believe that God allowed me to see him.because he knew I needed that comfort or cry.I often dream of my daughters, they are grown now but I see them small when they were young, and we would have fun together. these are good dreams, dreams that I believe we need. 

Lucid dreams             Dreams

        Our mind never stops working, it’s like a video recording the days events and sticking them in a harddrive in your brain somewhere so it can show it to you when your asleep, but what happens is that all that gets turned around and your dreaming of things that happened that day, but yet somehow, it’s like your mind drifts off somewhere else, and there are people or people or places you haven’t seen in years, and there you are..don’t make any sense at all.

      for example: I once had a dream of a freind who I haven’t seen in over 25 years, there we are having a good time catching up with the old, then when I awake, I wonder, why I had that dream of that friend, well 3 days later I ran into him in Santa Barbara, and couldn’t believe it was him, he was older, as I was to him I’m sure, but It was weird how  he just popped up out of  know where, and there he was..I told him about the dream and we just were glad to see each other. 

image-62399         first-lucid-dream

     I truly believe God uses dreams to speak to us while we sleep, our bodies are asleep, subconsciously we are asleep but our minds are awake, so God when he has a message to send to us, he plays it in video.He may be warning us about danger that is coming or of a friend or family member that may be in trouble, for what ever the reason this one of his ways of talking to us.

     So if you find yourself dreaming a dream that doesn’t make any sense, your not alone, and hopefully you will find yourself dreaming of good things like family and friends. I find a good dream makes one have a better tomorrow bad dreams,we all get them..just have to get by till the good one comes along.

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