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boy hugging a girl
How I wish.. I could hold you in my arms, when your feeling so all alone,
I wish I had the courage, to tell you how you make my pulse quicken,
Every time your image crosses my mind, then you would surely know,
Like a spider bite that starts to swell, once you have been bitten.

Crying beautiful woman stock-footage-smiling-man-singing-while-playing-the-guitar-in-the-countryside

How I wish.. I could be there with you, when your feeling so very sad,
And whisper sweet nothings in your ear, while I wipe away your tears,
I wish I could play my guaitar for you,that would make me very glad
Singing a spanish love song softly for only you, my dear.

know that I will always be there, anytime for you night or day,
how I wish.. you could hear, me whisper your name softly every night,
Before I fall asleep, I thank God for you when I pray.
I wish you could know, I think your just ” out of sight”

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How I wish..I could be with you when you need a shoulder to lean on,
Just having you near me, while you tell me what your feeling inside,
Hugging each other tight, while you cry for family that are now gone,
I should have told you so long ago, and swallowed my foolish pride.

go-back-in-time-clock  business turning back time

How I wish.. I could turn back the clock, to the fist time we ever met,
I would see your pretty smile, and look upon your beautiful face,
We would have started to laugh and talk, and went on with no regrets,
And all these feelings of sorrow now, would have all been erased.

I hope your very happy, with the one who has taken my place,
May he love ,honor and charrish you, as I do each and every day,
Your happines, is all that is mostly important to me,
Just know, that I am with you always, from now to eternity.





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