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I want to tell u story, about a man who grew up with my uncle vinnie,
I remember him, years back, when he was young and skinny,
With his curly black hair, and tough looking hands,
He was never ever scared. of any type of man.

Jessie was his name,but most folks called him ” Louie”
Loved hanging with his friends, sometimes cooked “chop suey”
He had many women, for he was a ladies man,
Was always there for family, to lend a helping hand.

He loved his mom and kids most , that I knew for sure,
Would visit when he could, and help out with the chores,
Sometimes he like to drink, and really liked to dance,
Could really make you laugh,if given half a chance.

Louie and my uncle vincent, were best friends till the end,
Their friendship was for reals,not like some who pretend.
Louie was the muscle, vinnie was the “cool cat in town”
Vinnie you could play with, Louie didn’t mess around.

I knew all his family, his brother Henry was my best friend,
Like Louie and my uncle vinnie, we were friends till the end.
I really didn’t get know Louie, only until his later years,
Every time I think of them,my eyes fill with tears.

You see, all of them are gone now, but live strong in my heart
So no matter where I go, their memories will never part.
I will always remember Louie, looking cool and mean,
Black hair, pendelton shirt, brown boots, and wearing his blue jeans.

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