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I want to tell you this story, about a man we all know,
this is about the man, who invented “ROCK AND ROLL”
The first time I seen him, he was singing, on my T.V.
He had swings and moves, I had never ever seen.

His name is Elvis Presley, that’s what Ed Sullivan said.
this man with slick black hair, combed perfectly on his head.
he had the famous “crooked” smile, on his young cool face,
with that country style of talk, that all woman embraced.
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The next time I seen him, I started to move like him,
I would stand up in front of the T.V..,and start off with that grin.
with a broomstick in one hand, I would start to sing,
“you ain’t nothing but a hounddog”, and shake that thing.

I would shake my legs, and start swinging my pelvis,
with one hand on the mic, I started to sing like Elvis.
” Blue sued shoes,”, was the first song I sang,
even with pommade on my hair, it still started to hang.

Elvis was the man, that all the woman wanted to have,
Many claimed they had his baby, but it was all just a fad,
Elvis was the original “Fonzie”, at least he was to me,
That was long before “Happy Days”, and “Author Fonzeralli.”

If you never heard of him, well man, u just ain’t cool,
He is the “KING OF ROCK AND ROLL”, who had all the right moves.
I was only 5 when I first impersonated him,
He was “KING CREOL” with that stylish rebel grin.

When I seen him in a leather jacket,playing that cool guiatar,
He had the coolest side burns, I have ever seen so far.
“SPEEDWAY”, was the first movie, I ever seen him in,
With that famous curl on his forhead, and Nancy Sinatra next to him.

The day he died, it broke my heart, and I just started to cry,
My Idol was gone, but never forgotten, was hard to say goodby.
He never knew my name, and never knew just what he meant to me,
To all us fans who love him still, “ HE WILL ALWAYS BE THE KING”

By Ralph Victorino jr.

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