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My 2 little angels.., were the best thing that ever happened to me,

From the moment I first layed eyes on them, my life was no longer mine,

Nancy and Amanda, became my pride and joy, in this man’s family,

You both entered my heart, with a love that will forever shine.


My 2 little angels.., your laughs and smiles are two things I will never forget,

Nancy with her long black hair, Amanda with her curls, both apples of my eyes,

Not every man has had the blessings I have had, though there were some regrets,

There’s not a day that I don’t pray for you both, thanking God for you in my life.

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I remember the times you were both oh so young, me giving you horse back rides,

Your stomaches hurting from laughter, from playing our game I called “THE CLAW”

We would wrestle around on the living room floor, or play some games outside,

How bout the time, I climbed a tree to save our cat, thank God it wasn’t that tall!.

These memories of us , we have shared, will forever be in my mind

Your mom and I fell out of love, and decided to go our separate ways,

Though years have passed, you both grew up, our relationship has gone astray.

This fathers love will never die,engraved always in my heart, until the end of time.


My 2 little angels.., don’t ever forget, your daddy is so proud of you both,

Your all grown up, living your lives, don’t get caught up in life’s games,

Just know your dad, no matter where he’s been, has always loved you 2 the most,

I will always remember, the day you were born, my heart was never the same.

I hope one day we will get back a relationship we once shared together,

Maybe just start all over and get to know one another once again,

Just know, my little angels, that I have always tried to make my life better,

Changing my ways, for you 2, from a life I was living way back then.

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