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My 2 little angels.., were the best thing that ever happened to me,

From the moment I first layed eyes on them, my life was no longer mine,

Nancy and Amanda, became my pride and joy, in this man’s family,

You both entered my heart, with a love that will forever shine.


My 2 little angels.., your laughs and smiles are two things I will never forget,

Nancy with her long black hair, Amanda with her curls, both apples of my eyes,

Not every man has had the blessings I have had, though there were some regrets,

There’s not a day that I don’t pray for you both, thanking God for you in my life.

                           10593194_1528767660670688_8558058035209856590_n      10460989_1528767790670675_7581041445684942078_n

I remember the times you were both oh so young, me giving you horse back rides,

Your stomaches hurting from laughter, from playing our game I called “THE CLAW”

We would wrestle around on the living room floor, or play some games outside,

How bout the time, I climbed a tree to save our cat, thank God it wasn’t that tall!.

These memories of us , we have shared, will forever be in my mind

Your mom and I fell out of love, and decided to go our separate ways,

Though years have passed, you both grew up, our relationship has gone astray.

This fathers love will never die,engraved always in my heart, until the end of time.


My 2 little angels.., don’t ever forget, your daddy is so proud of you both,

Your all grown up, living your lives, don’t get caught up in life’s games,

Just know your dad, no matter where he’s been, has always loved you 2 the most,

I will always remember, the day you were born, my heart was never the same.

I hope one day we will get back a relationship we once shared together,

Maybe just start all over and get to know one another once again,

Just know, my little angels, that I have always tried to make my life better,

Changing my ways, for you 2, from a life I was living way back then.




I will always remember the times that you took me in your arms,
Holding me close,rocking me to sleep, with the songs of the heart,
I will always remember the times you filled me with your charm,
Telling me you will be with me always, and we will never ever part.

Mom, you will always be, the one person who is most important to me,
Nursing me, nine months in your body, that holds a special bond,
A “Mothers Love”, is something so special, I am sure all will agree,
It’s a love that lasts forever , and never ever gone.

Mom, I could never repay you, for all those holes you have sewn in my pants,
For all the times you defended me, especially when I was a pain in the ass,
Mom, I always loved, the food you cooked daily, in those old pots and pans,
Never ever complaining, through all the bad times, to you I tip my hat.

Mom, thanks for words of wisdom, through all the tough times in my life,
Thank you for my lunchbox, you gave me on my first day of school,
Dad, made a great choice, the day he asked you to be his wife,
Thanks for all the love, you showed me as I grew.

Mom, thanks for all the outifits, you made me for school plays
Thank you for all the times, you bathed me and wiped my nose,
Mom, thanks for helping me, when I couldn’t find my way,
For sharing secrets with me, that nobody else has ever known.


th th

To a very special lady, on this special romantic Day,
Letting you know, your in my heart, in very special way,
Wish I could hold you, and whisper sweet nothings in your ear,
Would spill my heart out to you, while holding you oh so near.

I wish I could sing my song to you, that has always been in my heart,
Just want you to know, my Valentine, that I loved you from the start.
I think of you often, and memorized your all your beauty within,
Your love is deep in my soul, your look,smile,and that pretty little grin.

th  cherry-heart

My sweet Valentine, my feelings for you will never ever change,
You are, my queen, I am yours to command, any time night or day.
Sorry I have no Bouquet or  Red Roses, or cherry filled hearts to give you,
Just my heart with feelings of love, that is always so pure and true.

So enjoy this day, knowing that I am there with you always, my dear,
Sure you always have known, these feelings that are so clear.
No one will ever know, the way you make me feel,
You will always be my Valentine, who’s love is oh so real.



boy hugging a girl
How I wish.. I could hold you in my arms, when your feeling so all alone,
I wish I had the courage, to tell you how you make my pulse quicken,
Every time your image crosses my mind, then you would surely know,
Like a spider bite that starts to swell, once you have been bitten.

Crying beautiful woman stock-footage-smiling-man-singing-while-playing-the-guitar-in-the-countryside

How I wish.. I could be there with you, when your feeling so very sad,
And whisper sweet nothings in your ear, while I wipe away your tears,
I wish I could play my guaitar for you,that would make me very glad
Singing a spanish love song softly for only you, my dear.

know that I will always be there, anytime for you night or day,
how I wish.. you could hear, me whisper your name softly every night,
Before I fall asleep, I thank God for you when I pray.
I wish you could know, I think your just ” out of sight”

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How I wish..I could be with you when you need a shoulder to lean on,
Just having you near me, while you tell me what your feeling inside,
Hugging each other tight, while you cry for family that are now gone,
I should have told you so long ago, and swallowed my foolish pride.

go-back-in-time-clock  business turning back time

How I wish.. I could turn back the clock, to the fist time we ever met,
I would see your pretty smile, and look upon your beautiful face,
We would have started to laugh and talk, and went on with no regrets,
And all these feelings of sorrow now, would have all been erased.

I hope your very happy, with the one who has taken my place,
May he love ,honor and charrish you, as I do each and every day,
Your happines, is all that is mostly important to me,
Just know, that I am with you always, from now to eternity.







Missing the way you look at me with those beautiful eyes,and great smile,

Miss that wonderful laugh of yours, I hear every time I close my eyes and think of you,

How I wish I could just reach out and touch you, and you would say ” stay awhile”

Oh how I miss the times we shared, and talked, you so sweet, and me trying to be cool,


Sometimes I hear your voice in a dream, and your love reaches me down in my soul.

It’s like a hand that grabs me, and pulls me in, no matter how hard I try to pull away,

My feelings for you, are so powerful, it’s like a magnet, and I just can’t seem to let them go

I try to forget, because I know you don’t feell the same for me, but I just have to say,

When a man loves a woman, the way I love you , it’s a love forever,


There is just no other, that can take your place in my heart, no one has come close,

Your love is strong, it’s what keeps me going, you hold my heart like a lever,

If you pull down on it, It will fall and break, if you hold it in your hand it will bloom like a rose.

I have no control over why I feel for you the way I do, your love will follow me to my grave,

N o one knows how I truly feel for you , no one will ever know how you own my heart,

I will never stand in your way of happiness, when I get scared, your love makes me brave.

I do know, that if I had you, I will be with you always, and no one would ever break us apart.

chain of love

there have been woman I have loved, but not like the love I have always held for you,

if I never see you again, or hold you, I just want you to know, I am your slave,

no woman has possesed my soul like you have,my love is so deep and true,

your name and love will always be with me, in my heart forever engraved.

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