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There will never be enough words that can descibe a DAD like you,
You’’re so unique and have shown what being a Father and DAD is all about,
DAD, you have sacrificed so much for us, in everything you say and do,
I was only 5, when you came into my life, without fear or doubt.


You were so young and yet loved us like we were your own,
DAD, you raised six boys and now that we are all grown,
You may never know, how much I admire you in so many ways,
DAD, I always thank God for you every time I go to pray.

DAD, they broke the mold when they made a man like you,
You always made us laugh, in times we needed to get through,
My mom still has that sparkle in her eyes, after 47 years,
So heres a toast to you DAD, with tequila and a corona beer.


DAD, you are a man with a heart so big and bright,
When times were hard, you never gave in without a fight,
You always found a way to keep the bills paid every month,
DAD, just want you to know, I am so proud to be your son.

DAD, hope you know how much your loved and admired,
Mom is the Queen, and you are the Fire,
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD, this poem is my gift to you,
Hope you have many more, with blessings in all you do.




She came into my life and just blew me away,

Out of the blue, we hit it off from the start,

How funny life is, because I wasn’t even her type,

All I know, is she became “The Queen of my Heart”.


“The Queen of my Heart”, made me realize a lot of things,

She keeps me on my toes, like Ali  avoiding a swing,

We laugh and talk, all the time daily on the phone,

She makes me feel special, and no longer all alone.


“The Queen of my Heart”, is truly one of a kind,

She is the one who filled a emptiness in my heart,

A woman like her is truly unique, and very hard to find,

I know she’ll always be with me, and we will never part.


Oh how I love to hear her laugh, and see her sweet smile,

How I love to see her daily, and see her beauty shine,

I love the way she makes me feel, after we have talked awhile,

“Queen of my Heart”, I am so blessed you are truly mine.

We do disagree on things, and butt heads all the time,

Both like stubborn mules, never making up their minds,

We drive each other crazy, with broken promises that were made,

I know it sounds funny, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Red heart with an arrow of the Cupid isolated on white background

Through it all, my love for her is what truly matters in the end,

She truly was not the first, but should have been from the start,

Each and every day, I fall in love with her over and over again,

That is why she will always be, “ THE QUEEN OF MY HEART”.



My 2 little angels.., were the best thing that ever happened to me,

From the moment I first layed eyes on them, my life was no longer mine,

Nancy and Amanda, became my pride and joy, in this man’s family,

You both entered my heart, with a love that will forever shine.


My 2 little angels.., your laughs and smiles are two things I will never forget,

Nancy with her long black hair, Amanda with her curls, both apples of my eyes,

Not every man has had the blessings I have had, though there were some regrets,

There’s not a day that I don’t pray for you both, thanking God for you in my life.

                           10593194_1528767660670688_8558058035209856590_n      10460989_1528767790670675_7581041445684942078_n

I remember the times you were both oh so young, me giving you horse back rides,

Your stomaches hurting from laughter, from playing our game I called “THE CLAW”

We would wrestle around on the living room floor, or play some games outside,

How bout the time, I climbed a tree to save our cat, thank God it wasn’t that tall!.

These memories of us , we have shared, will forever be in my mind

Your mom and I fell out of love, and decided to go our separate ways,

Though years have passed, you both grew up, our relationship has gone astray.

This fathers love will never die,engraved always in my heart, until the end of time.


My 2 little angels.., don’t ever forget, your daddy is so proud of you both,

Your all grown up, living your lives, don’t get caught up in life’s games,

Just know your dad, no matter where he’s been, has always loved you 2 the most,

I will always remember, the day you were born, my heart was never the same.

I hope one day we will get back a relationship we once shared together,

Maybe just start all over and get to know one another once again,

Just know, my little angels, that I have always tried to make my life better,

Changing my ways, for you 2, from a life I was living way back then.



That first kiss was all I needed, to show me your the one,

Your lips pressed next to mine, was exciting and so much fun,

How was I to know that one kiss from you, would set me on fire,

That first kiss, not so long ago, wet and full of lust-full desire.


That first kiss just made me melt and put me in such a daze,

My heart skipped, jumped and jolted my body, I was so amazed,

My knees got weak, hands started to shake, eyes were spinning and rolling,

That first Kiss, did all that wow, I was caught in your web, it was so controlling.


That first kiss, was so great, made me even forget my first name,

Your tongue was like desert, so moist sweet tasting, like frosting on a cake,

I have kissed many girls before, but none of them did to me what that kiss did,

That first kiss,was so good, I want to put it in a jar and seal it with a lid.



  b2d9732548a4b1745d86fc1228b19745   Sip-Mar-12-Wine-Loft2

I often wonder.. how it would feel to hold you near me,

To be able to taste your lips as they press next to mine,

I often wonder.. if your body will shake, as we kiss passionately,

While we watch the waves come in, sipping sweet wine.

263d0717175e4df397c2228129e2c983  honey

I sometimes imagine us laughing, making funny faces at each other,

Having a pillow fight, and enjoying each others company,

Just to see your smile, and hear your laugh, makes me wonder,

How being with you, would be like tasting sweet honey.

user363315924  th

I often it would be to dance with you,

Hypnotized by your beauty, lost in your bedroom eyes,

As my heart pounds rapidly, with a passion so true,

Knowing your my lady, having you always by my side.

  whispering  tumblr_lf4y24NjL11qdspi2o1_500

When I think about you, nothing else seems to matter,

I hear your voice, as you whisper something in my ear,

You tell me how I make you feel special, I am so flattered,

I kiss you softly on your neck, your skin so soft my dear.

chain of love

This love I have for you, has me in shackles and chains,

I want you so much, and often wonder if you ever feel the same,

Your the one, that has my heart so flustered ,so tamed,

Your the only woman, who’s love drives me crazy and insane.



gates_of_heaven   Looking-into-Heaven

The Bible describes heaven as a place filled with streets of Gold,

Everyone that goes there, will already have a mansion of their own,

There will be no more tears, or fears, no more crying or dying, or getting old,

Jesus will be there spending every mom  ent with us, this is what I’ve been told.

htg55168576   jesus-in-heaven1

I don’t know exactly how heaven will look, but I am sure it will be better than here,

Heaven will be a place where we won’t worry, cry, fight, steal or live in fear,

Heaven might have doves all around, angels flying, and singing out loud,

Imagine, walking on streets of gold! walking with Jesus, in his home above the clouds.

panorama_of_heaven   joy1

I imagine heaven, will have a choir, with the most beautiful sound ever heard,

With all of us gathered around, listening, singing, with all animals near,

Jesus, sitting on his throne, dressed in white, golden hair, smiling from ear to ear,

Maybe tapping his foot, doing the wave, with his children around, all in good cheer.

1Jesus    Jesus-Picture-Face-Portrait-775x1024

Heaven may be a place, where all of our dreams have finally come true,

Having family around, that may have died and went there before you,

Seeing them again, will be a gift from God, who has brought us together again,

I could see him shining with a glow, eyes like fire, smiling with a big grin.

artbook__084_084__jesusblessesthenephitechildren____  Jesus-Second-Coming

Heaven won’t have cable,internet, phones , computers, or anything of the sort,

There will be no cars, buildings, highways, judges banks, or any type of court,

We will have no need of any of these things, for God will provide our every need,

We will be a spirit, filled with love, peace, joy, without any type of hate or greed.

Angels-in-Ecstasy-by-Drazenka-Kimpel jesusandusinheaven

I imagine Jesus sitting around a big table, with all his apostles and prophets near him,

Talking about all the stories of the bible, He has written, and used every one of them,

Reminiscing with Abraham,Moses, Noah, and all of those in heaven , free from sin,

Heaven will have the martyrs like Stephen, John the Baptist, all at his feet and hem.

Moses Abraham 

(c) Leeds Museums and Galleries (book); Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

(c) Leeds Museums and Galleries (book); Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Everyone has their own vision or definition of what Heaven is like to them,

But to be honest, sad to say, not everyone will make it to this great place,

If we want to be there, We have to make it right with God, having his spirit within,

The bible is the gateway, We need to be ready, to leave with Jesus without a trace.




Guadalupe, A small town but always home to me,

A place where we take pride, in everything we say or do.

Where your not treated like a stranger, more like family,

They say, “ Home is where the heart is”, a statement so very true,


Nicknamed “ Guada”, or “ Big G”, known to locals in our town,

Businesses like“Snappy’s”,“ El Ray liquor”, are gone but not forgotten,

“Masatani’s Market”, a local favorite , and best meat market around,

Where vegetables are sold fresh daily long before they end up rotten.

    10329178_10203865308086345_1408396989752348540_n 1901890_10152859386952485_5907881378575761889_n  64768_10152859386957485_1727539137636707212_n  1896792_10203634492212705_1839123253_n

Guadalupe’s main drag, is made up of old buildings, that still stand today,

Some have been remodeled, while others hold strong with bricks and clay,

Our old school and city hall , might just be the oldest building in town,

With it’s old mission style look, and best tourist site all around.

984074_10203124874396454_8015445866721537977_n    th-1 10299950_10203125226445255_7202636891734686528_n

The Far Western Tavern, and Basque House, famous, resturants back in the day,

People from all around, would come and eat, and sometimes enjoy a local parade,

Still there were others like, “Nardo’s, The Guadalupe Resturant, and Simpatia Cafe,”

Let us not forget “ The Fish market,” or “Bud Wongs” that have also past away.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA far-western-tavern 10407101_1027537310605483_9025878089556430502_n 554109_427862220562114_1897206324_n  11252173_10205856828453598_6485786572116691940_n

To all guadalupe’s veteran’s, who served our country with pride and made us proud,

Who showed the enemy no fear or surrender, and showed them what americans are about,

Just wanted to say, “ Thank you, for my freedom” from the bottom of my heart,

I salute and respect each and everyone of you, with a gratitude that will never part.

  10615610_10202735728819363_4577433094090014126_n 10599297_10202735712818963_7680084688881627243_n 10569075_10202735722179197_554520998302085503_n

Gualalupe “homeboys” have a reputation for never backing down from any fight,

We take pride in our “familia” and town, and will defend them day or night,

Most latino’s are just this way, not sure if that is a good thing or bad,

Some have died for this, that is just really very sad.

003 RALPH W GUAD HAT BACKWARDS   10726766_10202910443626625_710136612_n  1428960364166

Guadalupe has even been featured in movies, in case u didn’t know,

“The Odd Couple 2”, “Cowboy Up” were some to name a few,

With some great attractions, like the old “ Royal Theater” show.

We were even in a “SuperBowl” commercial, now that is pretty cool.

christine+baranski+The+Odd+Couple+II  10150764_10203124693711937_8975326847030525082_n10304356_10203125330527857_606588616277687001_n

So come on down and visit this town, with all it’s lovely views,

With all it’s surroundings, places to eat, even a beach to kick off your shoes,

Where your treated like family, not like a stranger, why not take a ride,

Proud to say, love this town and am part of this “ Guadalupe pride”


10629794_1497705273817894_761707276031013452_n 1602150_1497703743818047_1844613283713384269_o 10668266_848921898466113_845557296_n 10653616_1497706970484391_2183113500992143452_n  10173601_10203125224045195_7439290049400601266_n 016

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