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imagesHave you ever wondered why some of us are never satisfied with what we have. When it rains, we ask for summer. When summer heat is here, we pray for rain, or fall. I bet God scratches his head at times when we do this, and probalbly thinks how ungrateful we really are.
Last week I came down to visit some family whom I don’t live far from,about hour away, but still is hard at times to get down and see them when I want, and love to spend time with them, but
after few days pass by, I just am so ready to go back home, and get back to my life there. It’s not
that I am tired or annoyed with them, It’s just we are all set in our own ways, at home we have our
way of doing things,relaxing,cooking,cleaning,etc, and when we visit or stay with family or friends
as much as we enjoy the time with them, there comes that certain feeling in us and we say, ” just can’t wait to get back home,” and be able to relaxe on my own bed,watch my t.v, cook in my own
kitchen. It’s human nature, we are natually built that way, I guess.
The funny thing with that, is when we do get back home, in our groove, doing our thing, after
while, we are back doing that thing again, ” just can’t wait to get away for awhile, I need another
vacation.” and the cycle starts all over again…like I say We are funny people.
I have learned to be very appreciative of the times that I do spend with my family,especially,
my mother,I know of friends that no longer have their mother or father with them anymore,and they
let me know how much they miss them so, I am very blessed and fortunate to have both my parents..My blood father, is gone,but my stepfather is still with my mother, and when I see them we
share such great moments such , laugh,drink,cry,and other emotions that came to us daily as we
visited. and thru all that I am truly grateful for the memories,and wouldn’t trade those times for anything.
so next time you are visiting family, just remember there will come a time when those
times will be no more, we all are here for little while then we die, that is the cycle of life,but while
we are here, and for those of us who have our parents still, charish them, and enjoy each and
every moment, because they will never come again. Even though we are ready to go home after
such a great visit,it is so hard to say goodby to them and at that moment wish we could’ve stayed
just a little longer.


how close are you to God?


  The other day I was thinking, about a man who I seen years back, walking the streets
with a cross on his back, and I don’t know why that thought came to me at that time.
But as I kept thinking, this thought came to me., when jesus said, pick up your cross And follow me, in this mans mind, he must have truly believed that God meant to literally make a wooden cross and do as he did when he died for our sins.

    Now I don’t believe that’s what that interpretation meant, if so..the apostles wouldl have been the first to do it, after all, jesus reavealed the truth and interpretations to them first right?. Now, We all have our own interpretations to scriptures in the bible,and many have argued and still debate over some of them today. I believe, that there is truly only one interpretation to every verse written in the bible.. but also that got me thinking, How close am I to God..I think I am so far from God myself, that I am like one of those people that heard Jesus sermons and gathered around, but was way in the back trying to make his way to the front row, just to get a glimpse of him and not like the woman that held the hem of his garment, to me, that is pretty close, and why was she the only one to have had such a great experience like that, imagine, here is the man, who heald the sick, raised the dead, walked on water, preached his word, with true interpretations before it was ever written on scrolls or paper.

  What I do believe, is that when we as born again believers in Crist, first felt the spirit of God in our hearts..We at that time,,were right there as the woman the hem of his garment. And when Jesus said “ pick up your cross and follow me”, he wanted us to know we are going to do what he commands,and follow his word, and live for him, because he introduced himself to us, in spirit.

    Many things get in the way with our walk with God,and we slip away from the front row and start to fall back in the crowd. And before we know it, we are way in the back. This is my interpretation of “ Backsliding”, we let the love we had at that moment get swallowed up by the weary darts of the devil himself,. I do know that I feel his spirit all the time and sometimes when I get down on my knees and humble myself, I am right there at the hem of his garment..and he assures me that everthing is going to be allright,. I get up. And feel so liberated and free and all my pain, heartache, depression, and every other feeling I felt before I came to him..was taken.

   Thank You Jesus,,for this is my let u know that no matter what u go thru just humble yourself, get down on your knees..because when we kneel before God, that is showing respect, and humbleness, I am not saying u can’t pray standing up, or in the car, or wherever your at..what I am saying is if u pray this yourself ..and talk with him this way..U will get up from that encounter and be a ready for the day..and if u have bad it in a wheelchair whatever it takes..just get in tune with him..and u will be glad u did,…THIS IS HOW WE PRAY..PEOPLE..have a great day..



Last night, after talking with a friend of mine that is down visiting her family here made me realize something. ” How committed am I to the things I truly believe in, and the people that are most important to me”?
You see ” COMMITTMENT” is something we all have but most don’t even realize, but “TRUE COMMITTMENT” is the oppossite, it is something we don’t have and pretty much know it. let me give u some examples people:
I am ” COMMITTED” to getting up every morning and having my cup of coffee before anything else.
I am ” COMMITTED”to making sure that I will take the day off tomorrow, no matter what.
I am ” COMMITTED” to hanging out with my friends today and watching the Rams take on the 40 Niners
no matter if my wife,or husband gets pissed, and has to take care of the kids!
Now, let’s turn these examples of commitment we made to ourselves, to

” I am going to be ” TRULY COMMITTED” from this day forward, in waking up every morning and thanking JESUS, for another day of life,and for keeping his hand on all my family and sending guardian angels to be with them all the day through, before I have my cup of coffee.
“I am going to be ” TRULY COMMITTED” to going in to work today, no matter how tired and lazy I feel, cause this is what I need to do to provide food and shelter for my wife and kids, even though I really feel like taking the day off.

“I am going to be ” TRULY COMMITTED” to my wife or husband, first,and if that means missing the big game today because he/she is not feeling well and needs me to help with the kids, that is what I will do, because they are first priority, and I can always record and watch the game later.

Do you see what I mean..committment is easy..cause we do it all the time..but to be ” TRULY COMMITTED” takes work,,like working out, getting up, every morning and going to the gym or taking that run, so we can lose those xtra pnds we carry around. It takes true work and “TRUE COMMITTMENT”. to accomplish those isn’t easy. .because exercising isn’t fun at all at first, but once you are again ” TRULY COMMITTED” to it, in time it starts becoming part of your every day routine.

I have made some ‘TRUE COMMITTMENTS”, and will do more, so today I challenge all of you to do the same..make a list of say 3 things that u will be ” TRULY COMMITTED” to and determined to see it thru no matter what, if u do that, I believe you will be a happier person within yourself for doing so,.because “:THIS IS HOW WE ROLL PEOPLE”, have a great day.

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