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      As I was thinking about my Brother David, who was taken from us 38 yrs, it made me sad,mad, and happy ,,all together, funny how feelings can all go together and do this to us. I was thinking how blessed we were to have him in our lives..and never really took advantage of that, of how we just go day by day, not realizing that maybe, today will be the last time we see our loved one who’s day has come to leave this Earth  and their family, I felt sad, because, my brother had so much going for him, he was young, good looking, full of life, loved his family , music and friends,  his Mother and Son, most of all. I was mad, cause he was killed by a coward, who is still alive today, Your day will come. that I promise you.

    I am Happy because he left us a son, who reminds me of him in many he never really left, because when we have children,,and it’s our time to go, I know that they have a part of you that your family and friends will see in them, and that will bring joy and comfort. It is better than not having any children. I do feel sorrow for those that never had the opportunity to have children for their family to cherish,,even though our kids drive us Crazy, growing up..they also bless us more..they are us, and in that way, we continue to live on, thru them and their children.

  Today a thought came to me..” What was my brother thinking, that day, what did he have planned, see, we never realize, that in one moment, as the Bible says, our life here is like a twinkling of a eye…that fast..but take advantage of it, not really realizing that this is the last day for me, and as we get older, death becomes..more real, we seem to think about it more and more, cause we realize then that our time is near, but to the young, they feel they have their whole lives ahead of them..and then, THE REAPER comes. 

  I thank God daily, for my family,friends, that are still here with me, I try and enjoy each and every moment with them, no matter what occurrs. I would just like you, who has read this., to do the same, if you haven’t already, to love your family, enjoy the time, with them, hug your children, and teach them to do the same. and every time u plan a trip, or an event, say this, “
I plan to do this, If God permits me,” because Our lives are in his hands..not let us just take the time, and thank the one who has given us life. 

 Lately, we have seen so much tragedy, in our world., hurricanes, mass murder, Earthquakes, and it is scary, I beleive our time all together is getting short, It’s time we get closer to God, in our own ways, and prepare, I am not a preacher,evangelist,or anything of that nature, I believe God has put this in my heart to share with u, is all, so I have, take it as u will. I hope this message touches you in some way, and u go out and hug your family , just because they are here now.



Yesterday, was one of the best days I enjoyed. Great food with family and friends.There is just nothing else that can replace these times and as always, We miss the ones who were not able to make it or where having their own celebration holiday at their own homes.
It’s also great to share stories, past and present, meet new people,who have or may become family down the road. Just to be able to go over to your mom’s, grandmas,sisters,brothers house and able to celebrate a nice holiday,seeing all the kids run around, and how they have grown, or us adults who have grown older,or have gained or lost weight since the last time we seen each other,etc, but most of all able to share new family moments together. We make video’s or take picutures, send them to family who were not able to share these great times, or maybe just add them to our family pictures or albums of collections of ” family moments”. Anyways isn’t all this what  the holidays are all ablout?

Yesterday, my brother manuel and sister in law, liz, besides making great food, and having us all over their beautiful home, with a very nice set upr for everyone, they handed out out cards and had everyone write down what they were thankful for and after they had them put in a container, handed them out to everyone, and we all took turns reading the card we had, and tried to guess who wrote it.I thought that was very nice, at the time, I really didnt focuse on what I was truly thanful for, so I just wrote down, I was thanful for each and every day, My sister in law- liz, when she heard my card, told me, “no this is not you, your the writer, I figured you were going to write a poem or something,” well honestly, I was just not in the writing mood, but now that I have rested,eaten and thought about it, I feel I am ready and want to do it again, my way. So Liz,Manuel and everyone else was there I will make my statement now, on what I am truly thankful for the most:


First and formost, I am truly thankful to God, for another day of life.

I am thankful to my Mom and Dad, for all the years, you both have struggled but found a way to keep food on our table,clothes on our backs and a roof over our heads. For raising brats like us, (lol), who have caused you some pain, headaches and worries, thru the years. Thank you for letting us have our friends over and the great B.B. Q’S, we had on weekends, but most of all for loving us,and for all your sacrafices you make and still continue to do for all the family, I am not only speaking for me, but for my brothers also, I am sure they agree.

I am thankful to my ex wife, Linda who took care of me in many ways, and for all the good times we shared together while we were married, may you truly find happiness wherever you are living.

I am thankful to my ex wife Nancy, for raising my 2 daughters we had together, for all the sacrafice and stuggle  you encountered thru the years, but through it all found a way to make ends meet. For keeping them safe, and mostly for keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table, for all that you have done, there will always be a special place in my heart for you.


I am thankful for my daughters, Nancy and Amanda,for being part of my life, and the best thing that ever happened to me. you both make me proud. thank you for helping me see life diffently,changing my ways, if it wasn’t for you 2, I would have went down the wrong road I was heading for years back, but the love that I have in my heart for the both of you changed my direction and me, so thank you my precious angles for making your dad a better man. I will love you both now and forever, even in my next life, after death.


I am thankful for my oldest brother Manuel, who was the first to kick my ass, when I was a pain in his as we were growing up, for the example he has shown and continues to show with his actions as a brother,father,grandfather and leader of us “bonanza kids” thank you for all the times you took care of us when mom and dad were on their vacation for them, all parents we know need their own alone time, so thank you for giving them that  time, and being in charge of the us brats. You have shown me, what being a marine is all about. even though I never served, myself.


I am thankful for my brother David, for being so tough also, and along with my brother manuel, showing me how to fight, not to back down from any man, and how to always back up your family in any time of need or whatever situation they may be in at the time. Thank you david, for showing me how to dance,dress and how to meet chicks. to me you were ” joe cool”, always having a good time and enjoying spending time with your friends, cruising and enjoying great music, I only wished you were still here with us today, to see how you have been a great part of our lives, I miss you alot, think and dream of you always, and always try to be like you, in some ways, God took part of all our hearts when you were taken from us so young in your life, may you rest in peace brother, we all love and miss you dearly.


I am thankful to my brother Bobby,who has helped me many times when I needed help not only mentally, but financially. I  thank you brother,for not giving a second thought for all  the times I needed your help, and for always being there not only for me, but for all your family, you have a heart of gold, and I am so blessed to have a brother like you.

family pics 369

I am thankful for my brother Gilbert, “gibby jay” who has always had my back, took care of me,stepped in and  fought togher guys than me when we were growing up, and showing me also how to handle myself, and for when the time came for me to fight my own fights, even though he knew I could handle myself, was there to step in and take my place. thank you brother, for also changing your ways, seeing life different, and for especially helping mom and dad, cleaning the house all the time, giving them money when they needed it, for giving me things, and lending me money when I asked and  just being the kind of brother that you are, your all heart you forever.

I am thankful for all those special friends of mine, ( too many to mention, but they know who they are), who have not only had my back when trouble came our way in certain situations, but for being a true friend in times of need. and to me they are not friends, they are Familia. thank you all, for all you have done and continue to do.


Last but not least, I am truly thankful to God,for giving me the opportunity to have been blessed with eveyone in my life, for blessing me when I didn’t or don’t deserve it, for also guarding  my family, friends with his angles, againts all the wickedness of the devil,and his demons, spiritually, that attack us daily.For blessing this nation of ours even when they have turned their backs on him. Thank you lord, for the pastors, who struggle  daily to keep all your children on the right paths, and for all the prayer warriors out there praying for us all also. thank you lord for everything.







Last night I was in went to visit my hometown church were I lived, while staying with family for the holidays. It was very rewarding to me, there was a good message for all of us, and I reallly enjoyed seeing all my brothers and sisters in christ. I myself was a member of the church years ago, but have gone my own way, but in my heart, that is and always will be my church. I do believe in the standards of the organization,  and most of all, love my pastor and his family, they have always been there for me  when ever I needed them.

Anyways, I am not here to preach to you, we all have our preference on church standards, but I am here to share you my opinion on my view in the message that was preached and I what I recieved from it. My friend Ray, was the organist,and precider, he made a comment that ” we don’t praise God because of how we feel or what mood we are in, or for us.We praise God for who he is. I really liked that. It is so true.


blackFamilyinChurch      th

For most of us, We go to church for many different reasons.depression, sickness,drug addiction, etc, and we find that church is a place of refuge, which it is. I have been going thru alot of emotional stress lately,and going to church and just feeling the spirit of God in my soul, well let me tell you, there ain’t no better cure for that!, now sadly I will admit, it has been a long time for me, haven’t been to church in a while, but to me, I have chuch anywhere I am at. I get up in the morning, pray, hear gospel music,and the spritit moves me. so you can have church in your own home,manner or standards so to speak in order to praise and worship God together. and I can relate to that, being among but it is written in the bible, that we must unite in unity with those that also believe in the same my fellow brethren, the spirit was strong, and it flowed in the church like a cool breeze, everyone around you can feel the spirit, there was dancing, singing, hands clapping, rejoicing, we just had a good ole time, with jesus!



The message was on prayer,  and the pastor quoted scripture from the book of phsalms, and it was about when peter was in prison, and all his brethren were praying for him, in a house nearby, for his release, now peter as you know was one of the apostles hand picked by Jesus himself, and He was not in prison for breaking the law, he was in prison or jail..I should say for preaching the word of God. as the story goes, he was asleep in his cell, because as a man, he was got tired, and I believe peter himself was not afraid of death, He was a man of God, he put his trust in jesus, and he knew, that no matter what happened, He was ready to face the outcome, as the the story goes, peter was woken up by a angel sent by God, and he walked out of the jail, went to the house they were praying for him, and knocked on the door, but no one heard him, because they were in prayer, finally a woman heard the knock, and to her surpise could not believe it was peter who was knocking!,,now when she told the rest of the brethren that peter was outside, they also didn’ t believe..Ha,,how funny they were praying and asking God to release peter, and when he answered their prayer, they didn’t believe’s like the genie in the bottle who gives one three wishes,,and when u ask for one, can’t believe it when it happens..anyways..we are funny people at times.


97369-Pray-To-God    PRAYER-SERIES

What I liked about the message is the meaning, We don’t pray enough, we should pray everyday, anytime no matter where we are, we should pray, because without it, we are a lost cause..I believe America don’t pray enough,it’s obvious, look at the condition of our nation, we are againts each other, some hate the president, most of us hate the state of the economy we are in, and we are all just too busy seeing the kaos around us, and just don’t see a way out.

Well let me tell you this, I myself am not worried, I put my trust in God, and believe he will see me thru anything, I am not better than anyone, I also must pray more, but I do know that we are heading for a disaster if we don’t wake up.


school+shooting15    19-2-school-shooting-dead-end-follies

Here is a fact, we for years, have allowed prayer in schools, prayer years ago in schools was practiced like pleding allegience to the flag, done everyday, and then we didn’t have any kids shooting,killings, or anything that made the CNN. news. but since we have taken prayer out of schools, The devil stepped in and took over look at the outcome, shootings,killings, our kids now fighting with the law, over stupid crap, there are metal detectors in some counties, because the violence is so bad there.

God is hurt and pissed, I truly believe that God is up in his throne, saying well , you don’t need me, “then you will reap what you sow.” and the funny thing about all this, is that God is either the first person blamed, or prayed too!..ha, that is so ironic. We ask ourselves, why would God allow our kids to be shot in schools?, but what we should be asking is. Why did we allow prayer taken out of our schools to begin with?



One point that I liked my pastor made was, He said that we use excuses, we are too tired sick, or just are too busy in the day to stop and take time out to pray, but yet we find daniel, who was in the palace in babylon, was taken there againts his own will, but yet no matter how busy he was, he prayed daily, 3 times! every if daniel who was in a place, and if for those of you who know the story of daniel, was thrown into a LIONS DEN, but he was protected and not eaten up by the lions!. praise God,

The king , did  not want to put daniel in the den, but because there were people who were  jelouse of daniel and the law set in those days,  they tricked king darious into making a decree  or law that anyone found worshiping any other God or man besides the king within 30 day period will be put in the lions den. They knew daniel was going to pray to god, no matter what, so  they told the king that daniel was praying to God  during the 30 day period, so the king had no choice and had daniel thrown into the den, but Darious could not sleep and was disturbed  all night for the choice he did., the next day, he opened the lions den and found daneil there at his amazement, whole,!..he asked daniel what happened and daniel told him God had  closed the mouth’s of the lions and protected him, because he was innocent..all this because daniel prayed daily, I wonder how many of us would pray if we had law like that today..well not many, I believe.Daniel was free after that. see this is what prayer does, God hears it, and if you believe it, he will answer,,the problem we have is we want the answer now! the 3 wishes, we ask and we recieve. it don’t work that way, God wil answer if he feels like it, at his time and at his convenience,He does not let us make the decision, we can ask,  but we must wait on his decision, when he answers, notime limit.

Now there were many others used in the preaching about prayer, but the message was pretty clear, without prayer, we are going to reap the outcome of that decision. but with prayer, there will be rejoicing and praise afterward, because when god answers prayers we can’t help but thank him, in whatever manner we feel the gratitude. Have you ever had a loved one that was near death, and you prayed to God to give them more life, and they may have had been diagnosed  with cancer, then out of  nowwhere without any medical reason, they are cured, cancer free…because you took the time to talk to God and ask for a cure,  well I am sure that after that,  you were dancing, running, clapping, but most of all praising God for his anwer to your prayer.!.so you see with prayer comes’s like peanut butter and jelly..hope this helps you pray more..God bless.









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                    Have you ever wondered why we dream?, What do dreams mean?,Why do we dream of people we hardly     know, but yet seem to see them in a dream. The one dreams that really boggles my mind is one that just doesn’t make any sense at all like, being in a place you never lived before,in a town u never seen,or seeing your ex wife there talking to you like all is fine, and your still married, then all of a sudden end up somewhere else with alot of people that you don’t even know..Maybe it’s just me, or my dreams. but if you ever had any of these types of dreams, then you know where I’m coming from. I truly believe that God has given us the gift to dream to keep or relive memories of lost loved ones, often I dream of my family or friends that have past on. I dream of them being around me, laughing hugging, enjoying a beer.

FAMILY PICS 009                  FAMILY PICS 017

              I have dreamed often of my dad,or brother David who has been gone for years now, and there they are smiling a t me. I am all grown up. my brother died when I was 16 and my father a few years back. anyways. I would see my brother hanging out, just the way he used to be, and I would go up to him and hug him, cry and didn’t care how he was there or why,just that I was so glad to see him, and he would look at me and tell me..”I am fine brother, just wanted to see how      your doing is all” then he was gone. I would wake with tears in my eyes and truly believe that God allowed me to see him.because he knew I needed that comfort or cry.I often dream of my daughters, they are grown now but I see them small when they were young, and we would have fun together. these are good dreams, dreams that I believe we need. 

Lucid dreams             Dreams

        Our mind never stops working, it’s like a video recording the days events and sticking them in a harddrive in your brain somewhere so it can show it to you when your asleep, but what happens is that all that gets turned around and your dreaming of things that happened that day, but yet somehow, it’s like your mind drifts off somewhere else, and there are people or people or places you haven’t seen in years, and there you are..don’t make any sense at all.

      for example: I once had a dream of a freind who I haven’t seen in over 25 years, there we are having a good time catching up with the old, then when I awake, I wonder, why I had that dream of that friend, well 3 days later I ran into him in Santa Barbara, and couldn’t believe it was him, he was older, as I was to him I’m sure, but It was weird how  he just popped up out of  know where, and there he was..I told him about the dream and we just were glad to see each other. 

image-62399         first-lucid-dream

     I truly believe God uses dreams to speak to us while we sleep, our bodies are asleep, subconsciously we are asleep but our minds are awake, so God when he has a message to send to us, he plays it in video.He may be warning us about danger that is coming or of a friend or family member that may be in trouble, for what ever the reason this one of his ways of talking to us.

     So if you find yourself dreaming a dream that doesn’t make any sense, your not alone, and hopefully you will find yourself dreaming of good things like family and friends. I find a good dream makes one have a better tomorrow bad dreams,we all get them..just have to get by till the good one comes along.



mm_mind-over-matter_tee_white-700x700                 MO_FADED_INCORPORATED_MIND_OVER_MATTER-front-large              36465f32d3af4df06dcd736adea7035f


Recently I have been hearing the word “gluton free”, gluton free diet,foods,etc, and I am not too much into this type of way of eating. We ( who love to eat), will always have the battle of the bulge, so to speak, the foods we love the most seem to be just very bad for us. Now I am not nocking this gluton free way or foods down, I’m sure it is a very healthy way of eating, especially if one wants to lose some weight. The problem with that, is if your like me, once we get so used to eating the foods we eat, we all of a sudden want to lose weight and be more healthy, especially when we getting up in age. We research diets,fads,or whatever to find out which is the best foods to eat, diet to be on, and so on.


diets-1078              Woman carrying fruit-1722625  davidkeenan

I myself, am not on a diet, they just don’t work for me.
Every time I tried to shed the pounds and stay on a certain type of diet, that took me away from all the deliciouse foods that I crave, it worked for awhile, but for some reason or other I found myself back into my old habits. It is like a drug, when one is a drug user,wants to get clean, ends up in jail or whatever, once they are stable, most of the times they end up back in the rut again, “fall of the Wagon”, so to speak.

Experience has taught me this much, everytime I tried a diet and lost weight,felt better,more energy,bla bla, how is it I end up slowly but surely gaining back my weight, and before I know it, I not only gained back the original pounds,but they brought their family pack with them,and now I am bigger than I was before!,. and so that is where I discovered what has been working for me.


short-gray-hair        images        Helen Mirren

A very good friend of mine, had the same problem, she is very active, and works around her house daily, but has had problems with her back, and weight,now she has tried many different types of diets, and just was so disappointed that her pounds were not coming off..she never really gained any more weight, she just couldn’t seem to get the weight she wanted to lose off. So again she did research and she started to do a type of fast, she is very close with God, she told me God has told her to fast, and that is what she did., she has changed her way of eating, she eats very healthy, fruits veges, yogourt, and has stayed with her regime, for some time now, and wow, what a change, she has not only lost weight, her back is better, she is stronger,and really looks good, oh by the way..forgot to mention..she is 71 yrs old.! when I seen how her body has transformed, it was a eye opener for me, so to speak. I thought, ” if this woman who is at the age she is, can still be determined to lose her weight and meet her goal, What damn excuse do I have”..!.
she is all of you people out there who think your too old..well wake up..your not, it’s all in your head!!!..start being more active, and do it slowly, especially if your up in age..if it works for you fine,,if your happy and content with your life style now..that is good too..but if you go around and complain or make lame excuses that your too old..well let me tell you, your not,..she has proved this.!

I have started to change my way of eating, but to me it all starts with God, of course, and the mind frame..your mind is the ruler of your body, not the other way around, too many times we let our bodies speak for us, and the mind is like, ” hey, who’s the boss here..your organs or me!!!”..but we give that power to the body.


stretch                         130408084858-large

Every here the old saying, ” you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it”. ( not sure if that is how it goes., but you get the picture.). That is a very true statement. I have done that and frankly, so have you,without realizing it.
everytime you say ” I am going to go workout today,or cut the grass, clean my car, etc”. and put your mind to it, at that moment it is true, but when the day comes for you to go out and do it,,your body intervenes, and starts making excuses.
“Your too tired, wait till the beginning of the week, hey it’s too cold,too hot, sleep in longer,”, once you listen to your body your mind just lost. We have all done this,right.

I don’t check my weight every 2 days, count calories, eat the same foods I have been, just added less on my plate, or anything related to that, I just started sustituting foods, for example,. I had fried potatoes and eggs every morning,toast, bla bla bla, well now,, I have set my mind to change that. now I have yogurt, or bowl of fruit, small bowl of cereal, etc.
yea my body is craving and begging me to eat some fried foods, but my mind will pass, take it day by day,.

my body will always fight with my mind, it is the main problem with us, but just remember this, your mind is a very powerful organ, and it controls all the organs in your body, so just let it guide you and eventually your body will give in and follow what the mind says.,

I do eat some foods that I enjoy, I want to enjoy my foods, your body will tell you what you need,if you need say potasium, it may crave a food with potasium in it. then when it does do that, go ahead and eat it.

We have to eat some fat, but don’t over do it, just be determined in your mind first and everything else will fall into has worked for me, and hopefully it will help you too.


images          couple-walking         power-walking

My first step in changing my ways..was training my mind, getting it prepared for the long haul, then once it is set in motion, the body next, getting into a workout routine, if your not into working out..walk,,it is good for you, walk down the street to the corner, and back, do it, it’s not hard,( then once you do that for week or so, go farther,not too much but always add, before you know it, your up to a mile!!,get the picure} and let’s be realistic here, if your crippled then of course that is out, but if not, just try it, or stretch in the whatever type of excercise you want, but do it, in time your mind,body,and way of eating will be in stride together with you., no more falling off the wagon, this is your process, how ever long it takes you, fine do it, everyday you make progress your ways of eating and living healthy will reward has so for me..hope this helps.





images Why is waking up so hard to do. is it because our bodies are so much set into a sort of shutdownmode that when when the time comes to wake it up,it rejects our minds alarm clock. Most of us are not morining people, I don’t know the exat stat on that, but most of the people I know find it hard to wake up in the morning.I myself am a morning person. I do get that lazy feeling too, to hesitate and sleep in at times,but in general, my body is acustomed to waking
itself up no later than 6:30 a.m.
The body is like a computer when it wakes up, it goes thru all the same procedures and the brain makes all its regular checks before it lets the body know all is fine and everthing seems to be in order, like a computer which runs through its normal startup procedure process. Even with all that, some of us just hate to get up, and the longer we seemEven with all that, some of us just hate to get up, and the longer we seem to resist waking up the harder it becomes,then we are forced too.
activities-in-the-morning-wake-up-early   Moms have it the toughest, they have to actually wake up earlier to get kids ready for school,make breakfast,check their daily schedule, and get the ball rolling, so to speak to start a brand new day. They are the roosters they get everyone else up, whether they like it or not. there are exeptions to the rule, not all moms do this, I would say those that have kids still in school. Hopefully your not like me, when we were young, one bathroom,six boys and everyone of us doing the pee pee dance,while waiting our mom has had her share of getting things done,especially with six boys and no girls!!. How she did it, only God knows.Hands off to you mom, for going thru all that for us.

When-Siblings-Should-Stop-Bathing-Together  Dads, well we are just big boys, now, still try and sleep in little longer,wait till everyone goes and uses the bathroom, so that we can go in and relaxe without any interuptions, before we head out for the office, construction site or whatever we do to provide for our families. The kids are yelling at each other, picking on the sisters, and trying to cut in front of them so they can use the bathroom first, because we guys know, once they get in there, we might as well go use the neighbors bathroom or build a outhouse,cause they will not be coming out of there anytime soon. Remember when we were kids and shared the bathroom, took baths together, played together, too bad we had to grow up.

Life is funny, look at all we have to go thru just to get ready for what the day will bring us, and even before our morning coffee. These are just part of lifes wonderful challenges we go thru daily, but never really think about.








Have you ever felt unworthy,unwanted,helpless,foolish, etc,and just wished you never
have been born. Other times we feel awsom,joyful,useful,helpful, grateful,etc, of the life
we are living. Now if you never felt like this, you truly are unique,one of a kind to not have
had experienced these types of emotions, but for those of us that have experienced them
we pretty much think it’s just part of our everyday lifestyle.
HappyPerson 9222253 Emotions define who we are,our personality is wrapped around them.
Do you know someone who is always grumpy,angry,mad, most of the time. I do.
always complaining of things and just never satisfied. Who the hell wants to be near
them, certainly not me, take that emotion and stick it were the sun don’t shine!.Now
on the other hand, someone who is happy,joyful,freindly, etc,can certainly make
another persons day, especially if that person was having a bad one.

WOMAN-WITH-CANE   One day years back, I encountered a lady, who was having just one of those days,
very mad,upset, she was yelling on the phone as I walked into her office, I needed the key
for the mailbox, to check the mail for a friend, my ex wife and I were staying with
at the time. The lady, ran the mobile home park, anyways, I never met her before, she
turned to me, angrily and yelled.” NOW JUST WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU WANT.!,”
Always_RejoiceI was not angry or upset as she was, so I replied, ” You know, the Bible says, that
this is the day the Lord has made and we should rejoice and be glad in it.”,” so
from this moment foward, you will have a great day..” She just looked at me and
for a minute, didn’t know how to respond , all of a sudden, she smiled and said.
” Thank you so much for that, It really made my day” Her emotions changed at a
blink of a eye. My emotion won her over. This does not happen all the time, I’m sure.
We all feed of of other people’s emotions, whether we know it or not.You
may have started your day in a great mood,but as the day drags on, people that
you may encounter will certainly have a big part in your mood changes depending
on what type of emotions they are feeling at that moment.We change our moods
due to bills, stress, or a million other things that we experience on a daily basis.
How we handle those emotions and situations depends on us. One thing I have
learned is that I control my emotions, if I let someone take away the happy
feeling I started out with, it’s my fault,because their emotion won over mine,but
on the other hand, if my emotion wins them over,they would be like the lady
I encountered at the mobile home park.
Next time you are feeling happy, just don’t let anyone rob your joy, I
know it’s not easy, beleive me, but if you try and stay happy througout your
day, I am sure whoever you encounter, during that day, who may have had
a bad one, will be won over by your emotion.



imagesHave you ever wondered why some of us are never satisfied with what we have. When it rains, we ask for summer. When summer heat is here, we pray for rain, or fall. I bet God scratches his head at times when we do this, and probalbly thinks how ungrateful we really are.
Last week I came down to visit some family whom I don’t live far from,about hour away, but still is hard at times to get down and see them when I want, and love to spend time with them, but
after few days pass by, I just am so ready to go back home, and get back to my life there. It’s not
that I am tired or annoyed with them, It’s just we are all set in our own ways, at home we have our
way of doing things,relaxing,cooking,cleaning,etc, and when we visit or stay with family or friends
as much as we enjoy the time with them, there comes that certain feeling in us and we say, ” just can’t wait to get back home,” and be able to relaxe on my own bed,watch my t.v, cook in my own
kitchen. It’s human nature, we are natually built that way, I guess.
The funny thing with that, is when we do get back home, in our groove, doing our thing, after
while, we are back doing that thing again, ” just can’t wait to get away for awhile, I need another
vacation.” and the cycle starts all over again…like I say We are funny people.
I have learned to be very appreciative of the times that I do spend with my family,especially,
my mother,I know of friends that no longer have their mother or father with them anymore,and they
let me know how much they miss them so, I am very blessed and fortunate to have both my parents..My blood father, is gone,but my stepfather is still with my mother, and when I see them we
share such great moments such , laugh,drink,cry,and other emotions that came to us daily as we
visited. and thru all that I am truly grateful for the memories,and wouldn’t trade those times for anything.
so next time you are visiting family, just remember there will come a time when those
times will be no more, we all are here for little while then we die, that is the cycle of life,but while
we are here, and for those of us who have our parents still, charish them, and enjoy each and
every moment, because they will never come again. Even though we are ready to go home after
such a great visit,it is so hard to say goodby to them and at that moment wish we could’ve stayed
just a little longer.

how close are you to God?


  The other day I was thinking, about a man who I seen years back, walking the streets
with a cross on his back, and I don’t know why that thought came to me at that time.
But as I kept thinking, this thought came to me., when jesus said, pick up your cross And follow me, in this mans mind, he must have truly believed that God meant to literally make a wooden cross and do as he did when he died for our sins.

    Now I don’t believe that’s what that interpretation meant, if so..the apostles wouldl have been the first to do it, after all, jesus reavealed the truth and interpretations to them first right?. Now, We all have our own interpretations to scriptures in the bible,and many have argued and still debate over some of them today. I believe, that there is truly only one interpretation to every verse written in the bible.. but also that got me thinking, How close am I to God..I think I am so far from God myself, that I am like one of those people that heard Jesus sermons and gathered around, but was way in the back trying to make his way to the front row, just to get a glimpse of him and not like the woman that held the hem of his garment, to me, that is pretty close, and why was she the only one to have had such a great experience like that, imagine, here is the man, who heald the sick, raised the dead, walked on water, preached his word, with true interpretations before it was ever written on scrolls or paper.

  What I do believe, is that when we as born again believers in Crist, first felt the spirit of God in our hearts..We at that time,,were right there as the woman the hem of his garment. And when Jesus said “ pick up your cross and follow me”, he wanted us to know we are going to do what he commands,and follow his word, and live for him, because he introduced himself to us, in spirit.

    Many things get in the way with our walk with God,and we slip away from the front row and start to fall back in the crowd. And before we know it, we are way in the back. This is my interpretation of “ Backsliding”, we let the love we had at that moment get swallowed up by the weary darts of the devil himself,. I do know that I feel his spirit all the time and sometimes when I get down on my knees and humble myself, I am right there at the hem of his garment..and he assures me that everthing is going to be allright,. I get up. And feel so liberated and free and all my pain, heartache, depression, and every other feeling I felt before I came to him..was taken.

   Thank You Jesus,,for this is my let u know that no matter what u go thru just humble yourself, get down on your knees..because when we kneel before God, that is showing respect, and humbleness, I am not saying u can’t pray standing up, or in the car, or wherever your at..what I am saying is if u pray this yourself ..and talk with him this way..U will get up from that encounter and be a ready for the day..and if u have bad it in a wheelchair whatever it takes..just get in tune with him..and u will be glad u did,…THIS IS HOW WE PRAY..PEOPLE..have a great day..



Last night, after talking with a friend of mine that is down visiting her family here made me realize something. ” How committed am I to the things I truly believe in, and the people that are most important to me”?
You see ” COMMITTMENT” is something we all have but most don’t even realize, but “TRUE COMMITTMENT” is the oppossite, it is something we don’t have and pretty much know it. let me give u some examples people:
I am ” COMMITTED” to getting up every morning and having my cup of coffee before anything else.
I am ” COMMITTED”to making sure that I will take the day off tomorrow, no matter what.
I am ” COMMITTED” to hanging out with my friends today and watching the Rams take on the 40 Niners
no matter if my wife,or husband gets pissed, and has to take care of the kids!
Now, let’s turn these examples of commitment we made to ourselves, to

” I am going to be ” TRULY COMMITTED” from this day forward, in waking up every morning and thanking JESUS, for another day of life,and for keeping his hand on all my family and sending guardian angels to be with them all the day through, before I have my cup of coffee.
“I am going to be ” TRULY COMMITTED” to going in to work today, no matter how tired and lazy I feel, cause this is what I need to do to provide food and shelter for my wife and kids, even though I really feel like taking the day off.

“I am going to be ” TRULY COMMITTED” to my wife or husband, first,and if that means missing the big game today because he/she is not feeling well and needs me to help with the kids, that is what I will do, because they are first priority, and I can always record and watch the game later.

Do you see what I mean..committment is easy..cause we do it all the time..but to be ” TRULY COMMITTED” takes work,,like working out, getting up, every morning and going to the gym or taking that run, so we can lose those xtra pnds we carry around. It takes true work and “TRUE COMMITTMENT”. to accomplish those isn’t easy. .because exercising isn’t fun at all at first, but once you are again ” TRULY COMMITTED” to it, in time it starts becoming part of your every day routine.

I have made some ‘TRUE COMMITTMENTS”, and will do more, so today I challenge all of you to do the same..make a list of say 3 things that u will be ” TRULY COMMITTED” to and determined to see it thru no matter what, if u do that, I believe you will be a happier person within yourself for doing so,.because “:THIS IS HOW WE ROLL PEOPLE”, have a great day.

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