My articles and Poems will hopefully be a comfort and enjoyment for those of you that read it,If one of them have touched you or has brighten your day, please leave a comment, and let me know..very much appreciated and hope you keep following my blog thank you.




Tonight, as I was sitting here , you popped into my head,
I put on a song, looking at your pictures, before heading to bed.
Remembering the first time I kissed your lips, setting my soul on fire,
Never before, has a woman touched me , with such passion and desire.

When I look into your eyes, I get lost in your beauty, losing my mind
Feeling a space in my heart that had been gone for a very long time,
I cherish each moment we spend together, laughing,kissing,making love,
Did you know, just how you caught my heart like a ball landing in a glove.

I never met someone that knows me better than I seem to know myself,
Someone who’s passion is strong, wild, that can’t be contained on a shelf.
My love for you, has made me realize, that your the only one I want and need,
So the next time your looking in my eyes, you will know for yourself and see.

You my lady, are the one who finally stole my heart, and make me so very happy,
Your the one who heals me , when I am mad or maybe feeling so crappy,
I could list all the reasons why I love you so very much, my Queen,
So I will end with this, that I will be yours for all eternity.

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