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She came into my life and just blew me away,

Out of the blue, we hit it off from the start,

How funny life is, because I wasn’t even her type,

All I know, is she became “The Queen of my Heart”.


“The Queen of my Heart”, made me realize a lot of things,

She keeps me on my toes, like Ali  avoiding a swing,

We laugh and talk, all the time daily on the phone,

She makes me feel special, and no longer all alone.


“The Queen of my Heart”, is truly one of a kind,

She is the one who filled a emptiness in my heart,

A woman like her is truly unique, and very hard to find,

I know she’ll always be with me, and we will never part.


Oh how I love to hear her laugh, and see her sweet smile,

How I love to see her daily, and see her beauty shine,

I love the way she makes me feel, after we have talked awhile,

“Queen of my Heart”, I am so blessed you are truly mine.

We do disagree on things, and butt heads all the time,

Both like stubborn mules, never making up their minds,

We drive each other crazy, with broken promises that were made,

I know it sounds funny, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Red heart with an arrow of the Cupid isolated on white background

Through it all, my love for her is what truly matters in the end,

She truly was not the first, but should have been from the start,

Each and every day, I fall in love with her over and over again,

That is why she will always be, “ THE QUEEN OF MY HEART”.

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