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gates_of_heaven   Looking-into-Heaven

The Bible describes heaven as a place filled with streets of Gold,

Everyone that goes there, will already have a mansion of their own,

There will be no more tears, or fears, no more crying or dying, or getting old,

Jesus will be there spending every mom  ent with us, this is what I’ve been told.

htg55168576   jesus-in-heaven1

I don’t know exactly how heaven will look, but I am sure it will be better than here,

Heaven will be a place where we won’t worry, cry, fight, steal or live in fear,

Heaven might have doves all around, angels flying, and singing out loud,

Imagine, walking on streets of gold! walking with Jesus, in his home above the clouds.

panorama_of_heaven   joy1

I imagine heaven, will have a choir, with the most beautiful sound ever heard,

With all of us gathered around, listening, singing, with all animals near,

Jesus, sitting on his throne, dressed in white, golden hair, smiling from ear to ear,

Maybe tapping his foot, doing the wave, with his children around, all in good cheer.

1Jesus    Jesus-Picture-Face-Portrait-775x1024

Heaven may be a place, where all of our dreams have finally come true,

Having family around, that may have died and went there before you,

Seeing them again, will be a gift from God, who has brought us together again,

I could see him shining with a glow, eyes like fire, smiling with a big grin.

artbook__084_084__jesusblessesthenephitechildren____  Jesus-Second-Coming

Heaven won’t have cable,internet, phones , computers, or anything of the sort,

There will be no cars, buildings, highways, judges banks, or any type of court,

We will have no need of any of these things, for God will provide our every need,

We will be a spirit, filled with love, peace, joy, without any type of hate or greed.

Angels-in-Ecstasy-by-Drazenka-Kimpel jesusandusinheaven

I imagine Jesus sitting around a big table, with all his apostles and prophets near him,

Talking about all the stories of the bible, He has written, and used every one of them,

Reminiscing with Abraham,Moses, Noah, and all of those in heaven , free from sin,

Heaven will have the martyrs like Stephen, John the Baptist, all at his feet and hem.

Moses Abraham 

(c) Leeds Museums and Galleries (book); Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

(c) Leeds Museums and Galleries (book); Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

Everyone has their own vision or definition of what Heaven is like to them,

But to be honest, sad to say, not everyone will make it to this great place,

If we want to be there, We have to make it right with God, having his spirit within,

The bible is the gateway, We need to be ready, to leave with Jesus without a trace.




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