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Guadalupe, A small town but always home to me,

A place where we take pride, in everything we say or do.

Where your not treated like a stranger, more like family,

They say, “ Home is where the heart is”, a statement so very true,


Nicknamed “ Guada”, or “ Big G”, known to locals in our town,

Businesses like“Snappy’s”,“ El Ray liquor”, are gone but not forgotten,

“Masatani’s Market”, a local favorite , and best meat market around,

Where vegetables are sold fresh daily long before they end up rotten.

    10329178_10203865308086345_1408396989752348540_n 1901890_10152859386952485_5907881378575761889_n  64768_10152859386957485_1727539137636707212_n  1896792_10203634492212705_1839123253_n

Guadalupe’s main drag, is made up of old buildings, that still stand today,

Some have been remodeled, while others hold strong with bricks and clay,

Our old school and city hall , might just be the oldest building in town,

With it’s old mission style look, and best tourist site all around.

984074_10203124874396454_8015445866721537977_n    th-1 10299950_10203125226445255_7202636891734686528_n

The Far Western Tavern, and Basque House, famous, resturants back in the day,

People from all around, would come and eat, and sometimes enjoy a local parade,

Still there were others like, “Nardo’s, The Guadalupe Resturant, and Simpatia Cafe,”

Let us not forget “ The Fish market,” or “Bud Wongs” that have also past away.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA far-western-tavern 10407101_1027537310605483_9025878089556430502_n 554109_427862220562114_1897206324_n  11252173_10205856828453598_6485786572116691940_n

To all guadalupe’s veteran’s, who served our country with pride and made us proud,

Who showed the enemy no fear or surrender, and showed them what americans are about,

Just wanted to say, “ Thank you, for my freedom” from the bottom of my heart,

I salute and respect each and everyone of you, with a gratitude that will never part.

  10615610_10202735728819363_4577433094090014126_n 10599297_10202735712818963_7680084688881627243_n 10569075_10202735722179197_554520998302085503_n

Gualalupe “homeboys” have a reputation for never backing down from any fight,

We take pride in our “familia” and town, and will defend them day or night,

Most latino’s are just this way, not sure if that is a good thing or bad,

Some have died for this, that is just really very sad.

003 RALPH W GUAD HAT BACKWARDS   10726766_10202910443626625_710136612_n  1428960364166

Guadalupe has even been featured in movies, in case u didn’t know,

“The Odd Couple 2”, “Cowboy Up” were some to name a few,

With some great attractions, like the old “ Royal Theater” show.

We were even in a “SuperBowl” commercial, now that is pretty cool.

christine+baranski+The+Odd+Couple+II  10150764_10203124693711937_8975326847030525082_n10304356_10203125330527857_606588616277687001_n

So come on down and visit this town, with all it’s lovely views,

With all it’s surroundings, places to eat, even a beach to kick off your shoes,

Where your treated like family, not like a stranger, why not take a ride,

Proud to say, love this town and am part of this “ Guadalupe pride”


10629794_1497705273817894_761707276031013452_n 1602150_1497703743818047_1844613283713384269_o 10668266_848921898466113_845557296_n 10653616_1497706970484391_2183113500992143452_n  10173601_10203125224045195_7439290049400601266_n 016

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