My articles and Poems will hopefully be a comfort and enjoyment for those of you that read it,If one of them have touched you or has brighten your day, please leave a comment, and let me know..very much appreciated and hope you keep following my blog thank you.



He was a simple man, carpenter by trade,

Never went to any trade school, but mastered all,

Was not a violent man, and was never vein,

More powerful than Superman!, and stood very tall.

He never held a degree, but yet they called him teacher.

He had no medicines, but yet he healed the sick,

Never went to Bible College, but yet was the greatest preacher!

He was the only man ever, who could accomplish all this!.

He never had servants, yet they called him “Master”

He had no army, yet many kings feared him,

Since he was rejected , the world became a Disaster!

He was always humble, and very slim.

His name is Jesus!, the greatest name of all,

He died on a cross, but yet still lives today!

He hand picked 12, led by Peter and Paul,

He was always preaching, but yet took time to pray.

Jesus was the author, of the greatest book of all,

Never had super-powers,but had power in his blood,

He will always be there, to pick you up when you fall.

When life’s troubles comes against you, like a mighty flood.

He was never on FaceBook, but yet has millions of followers,

Never had a email, but yet millions received his messages,

Never had a cell phone, but yet could be reached at any hour,

Parted the “ Red Sea”, in the book of Exodus.

There are so many things , I could say about this man,

How he conquered Death, with holes in his hand!,

He continues to do today, what he started way back then,

Jesus will continue to love us, and be our best friend.

The Devil thinks he’s bad,but yet runs when he hears his name,

Even his band of demons, are cowards and do the same,

Jesus died for our sins, sadly we still commit them now and then,

We better get it right, before he comes for his chosen again.


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