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I will always remember, all the times we spent together,
I will never forget, the struggles you went thru for me,
I wish you were here, to see how life has made me better,
I will always love you mom, now till eternity.

Pictures of you, are printed forever in my mind,
Memories, that will always remind me of you,
The way you treated everyone around you so kind,
For teaching your children, “ be wise and stay in school”.

I will never forget, the way you made me happy when I was sad,
Or for life’s teachings, you taught me as I was growing older,
How to be grateful for all the little things, that others never had,
Mom, thanks for all the times, you put, your head on my shoulder.

Oh how I miss you in every way, especially on this special day,
I hear your voice whisper my name, hearing your words as you say,
“ Thank you my child, for being part of me, and making me very proud,
For raising your kids, as I did you, I am smiling at you above the clouds.”

Mom, if only you could see, how your child has grown so much like you,
I am sure you would be saying, “ wow, my baby is just like me”,
I will always be there for my kids, when they are feeling sad and blue,
The way you’ve been there for me even at times we didn’t agree.

I will carry you forever in my heart, each and every day,
Thanks again Mom, for being the role model for me in my life,
Here are flowers for you mama, miss you dearly, in every way,
May you rest in peace, our beloved mother, and wife.




I will always remember the times that you took me in your arms,
Holding me close,rocking me to sleep, with the songs of the heart,
I will always remember the times you filled me with your charm,
Telling me you will be with me always, and we will never ever part.

Mom, you will always be, the one person who is most important to me,
Nursing me, nine months in your body, that holds a special bond,
A “Mothers Love”, is something so special, I am sure all will agree,
It’s a love that lasts forever , and never ever gone.

Mom, I could never repay you, for all those holes you have sewn in my pants,
For all the times you defended me, especially when I was a pain in the ass,
Mom, I always loved, the food you cooked daily, in those old pots and pans,
Never ever complaining, through all the bad times, to you I tip my hat.

Mom, thanks for words of wisdom, through all the tough times in my life,
Thank you for my lunchbox, you gave me on my first day of school,
Dad, made a great choice, the day he asked you to be his wife,
Thanks for all the love, you showed me as I grew.

Mom, thanks for all the outifits, you made me for school plays
Thank you for all the times, you bathed me and wiped my nose,
Mom, thanks for helping me, when I couldn’t find my way,
For sharing secrets with me, that nobody else has ever known.

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