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My brother david, someone I never really knew,
He was taken from us so early in life, only 21,
What I do remember about him, he was always so cool,
Loved to hang with his friends, Dance, and have fun

Yea, he was a lady’s man, always had girls around him
Loved his family, music, played the sax, and a unique kind of grin,
Never took any crap from anyone, but treated you with respect,
He had a cool kinda laugh, was outgoing but very direct.

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I remember him kicking it with his friends, at family BBQ’s
Always enjoyed his times with his car club “THE CROWD”
Driving his clean 73 Monte Carlo, low rider, ready for the cruise
Heading down Broadway or Guadalupe, music playing loud.

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David, loved his music., War,Santana,The Isley brothers,to name a few,
He had one love , Delia, they always looked so good together,
She always dressed so pretty, David in  a nice dress shirt, looking so cool,
When his son David jr, was born, I believe my brother never had it better.

There are times when I dream of him, smiling at me with that unique grin,
I hug him and cry, He talks to me, says “love you bro, how have you been?,”
He hugs me back, says “ no matter what you go thru brother, know I am there”
I imagine him standing ,pendalton shirt,colored jeans, curly black hair,

016  025

Mom had six boys, no sisters in our familia, David being the second oldest,
Manuel was the leader, David never let nothing stand in his way.
As a kid, all my older brothers were my hero’s, still are till this day,
To me, David was “Joe Cool”, at times the meanest,but aways the boldest.

David loved his family, His son, and our mom, the most important of his life,
He was killed one night, by a cowards bullet, who was afraid of a fist fight,
See , David never ran from anyone, he was a man, never needed a gun,
His death affected us all, mom the most, the second oldest of her sons.

20150413_142737 1428959474849

David is a part of me, in my thoughts and always in my heart,,
He will always be remembered, by his family and close friends,
Cruising in his monte, listening to the music he loved to hear back then,
I shall forever hold the memories, with a love that will never part.

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