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Welcome back Mike Sullivan, to the N.F.L
Wishing you the very best, this time around,
With a familiar team you know , oh so very well,
May you shine and glow, in your New York town.




Tampa, didn’t realize what they lost,when they let you go,
Just look at their season record, that’s all you need to know,
They may be first in next years draft,but last in the rankings,
Lovie Smith can just bend over, and take all his spankings.

Eli Manning is oh so happy, to have his coach by his side,
The Giants should count their blessings, having you again,
Because your part yhaki indian,with alot of mexican pride,
With you they won 2 Super Bowls, which there was no end.

We all got the best deal, because your part of our “familia”
May you never ever forget, your always in our hearts,
So here’s a toast to you, with Jose Quevo and Tequilla,
Can’t wait to see you on the sidlines, when the new season starts.

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