My articles and Poems will hopefully be a comfort and enjoyment for those of you that read it,If one of them have touched you or has brighten your day, please leave a comment, and let me know..very much appreciated and hope you keep following my blog thank you.

human-spine-diagram A few days ago, I threw my back out of whack. I had hurt my back about a year ago, and couldn’t even walk, but , I was blessed with a great chiropractor who became my friend,and fixed my back. Oh I would continue to go to him about twice a month but eventually just needed to go once. a month..until the other day. I was working outside and somehow twisted my back, don’t know how, just felt it, and what I did was sprained one of my abdominal muscles .. and that was it, few hours later I was on my bed resting and couldn’t get up. My back was so tight on the lower part of my back,( around the mid section) I could not stand up straight. After my chiropractor finished working on my back, he told me I tore one of my muscle tendons.He also said it was caused by my added weight,even though I had already started to lose some weight,it hasn’t been enough.My back will take about 6 weeks to heal meanwhile I will have to go in for some more treatments.The picture (above) shows the different types of nerves and muscles al along the spinal chord, ( my pain is right where the abdominal muscles are located) If you ever had problems with your back, which the majority of people do, then you would know the kind of pain I’m talking about.there are many injuries that are associated with back problems,these pics show some of them.:cervical_spinal_cord_injury_jane_doe_as.png  spinal-damageSpinal_Cord_Disorders_-_Malformations_-_Scoliosis_L

                   Years back I had experienced this type of pain  in my back, just not as severe. At the time, I did not  realized what caused it,nor did I go to a chiropractor, it took a  few  days to heal..but of course I was alot younger then and my back was stronger, but also was not overweight so much. I won’t get into my exact weight,but will say I do need to shred some pds.I have started a new way of eating, don’t consider it dieting, that never works, just a change of foods, and little by little take away a bad high calorie food I love, for low calorie food, I can start to learn to like. I do love salads, and certain types of go from there.

13601256(300x300)My chiropractor suggested to either lose weight to take the work load off the back, or go ahead and eat hearty and the back will in time decide for you, when you are no longer able to stand or walk, and have constant back pain for the rest of your life. Now that to me is a eye opener, I have a pretty solid strong back,( according to him) but it will weaken and eventually break to a point of no return if I continue on the way I am going. Well for those of you who are not aware of how important it is to be at the proper weight depending your size, all that extra weight you carry causes your back to work harder just like the heart, but the back will go before the heart in most cases, depending on how heavy or how one eats.Age is no different, if your young and heavy, your back will age quicker than you because of the extra strain. Read up on it,see the results for yourself. Just my way of hoping to save you from going thru this exetremely high strain of pain, I have a very high tolerance for pain, but this type of pain, is harder than any other I have encountered, because it is surrounded by bones and nerves. ouch!, hope this little article helps you.

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