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I want to tell u story, about a man who grew up with my uncle vinnie,
I remember him, years back, when he was young and skinny,
With his curly black hair, and tough looking hands,
He was never ever scared. of any type of man.

Jessie was his name,but most folks called him ” Louie”
Loved hanging with his friends, sometimes cooked “chop suey”
He had many women, for he was a ladies man,
Was always there for family, to lend a helping hand.

He loved his mom and kids most , that I knew for sure,
Would visit when he could, and help out with the chores,
Sometimes he like to drink, and really liked to dance,
Could really make you laugh,if given half a chance.

Louie and my uncle vincent, were best friends till the end,
Their friendship was for reals,not like some who pretend.
Louie was the muscle, vinnie was the “cool cat in town”
Vinnie you could play with, Louie didn’t mess around.

I knew all his family, his brother Henry was my best friend,
Like Louie and my uncle vinnie, we were friends till the end.
I really didn’t get know Louie, only until his later years,
Every time I think of them,my eyes fill with tears.

You see, all of them are gone now, but live strong in my heart
So no matter where I go, their memories will never part.
I will always remember Louie, looking cool and mean,
Black hair, pendelton shirt, brown boots, and wearing his blue jeans.


article-2272669-1754F884000005DC-603_634x637             NFL: Dallas Cowboys at St. Louis Rams



dm_121202_nfl_RecapSFSTL         th








It was a cold dark,windy night, as I was walking home from a big day at school. The day started out cloudy with fog setting in, you could feel the morning mist, as it was time to rise and
head out for the day. Usually the weather is fairly nice this time of year, but today was just so gloomy and cold, for what ever reason only mother nature knows I guess.I never imagined I would encounter a “xtra terrestial type of event” so to speak, but it sure changed my mind on the supernatural world.

I had stayed late after school, had finished basketball practice and chatted with friends before heading out for home. the chill was starting to come in,clouds were getting grey, little wind picking up, but really no sighns of showers or lightning. My friend Ray had offered me a ride home but I told him, had things on my mind, needed to get my head clear, so he went on his way. I started out walking along appalloosa dr, with my backpack and headphones on, was listining to some classic rock, CCR was playing on the radio, my little classic walkman was handy for times like this.As I was coming near the intersection between alvin and appallosa dr., I heard a big crack in the sky, all of a sudden, like night and day, the sky turned black, light rain started to fall and my radio was fading in and out, but I did hear the weather man come in as he interupted the song and said that a mighty storm was heading near. ” Get out of the road,stay at home,or find some shelter because this ones a dandy folks”., he said, I was still about 10 miles from my house, so I decided to take a short cut, and head down alvin, instead of going straight on appolloosa dr, where I usually go to. it would save me about 2 miles. I never really went this way, I like the longer walk home because I am so used to the scenery and it gives me more time to finish my workout, I walk or sometimes jog home, at a fairly fast pace, so I started out on alvin, running fairly fast, but the wind was blowing harder and my breath was taking in too much air at the pace I was running,


dave-summer-thunderstorm-2-280x210                                     rain-hail


All of a sudden rain started falling and it turned into hail,”shit, what the hell,” I yelled, as small balls of ice started to hit cars and break windows, I darted down the street and really couldn’t see, the storm must have taken out the power to the city, it was pitched dark,rainy,and getting colder.
to make matters worse I didn’t really didn’t have anything but my tang top, covered with my sweatshirt, thank God I had a hooded one, so I put on my hood, hands in my pocket ,all soaked and prayed I make it home soon.

I must have taken a wrong turn,cause I did not reconize this street,with all that was going on,and the weather like it was, pitched dark, I never realized I went off course, The rain was harder now, but the hail had stopped, I was walking and running at times, but had my head down, cause the rain was hitting me in the face, due to the wind, so here I was, not really sure what street I was on, so as I looked around the pitched black neighborhood,trying to see something or building I reconized, there was this light!, I darted towards it,as I got closer the light was bigger, and there it was, this old style house, had steel gates on it, it was in a coda sack, I never knew this was there, hell I didn’t care, I needed to get out of this rain, it was creepy, the gate was swinging back and forth, so I entered it, the light for some reason was the only one in that house, it must have been in the upper rooms, cause it looked almost like a mid size castle, haunted house, the kind you see in the movies, well I headed up the stariways, wooden, and they creaked as I went up, I was scared, i will admit, hell I was only 12, and faced with this damn storm.,anyways the door was unlocked, so I entered in, taking a big gulp of my own saliva, as I entered.


s320x240    ri-newport-white-horse-48    Fireplace-Room-Small

As soon as I was in..the door SLAMMED, shut, scared me to death, I tried to open it, but no luck, it must have jammed or something, so I was looking around, shivering from being wet from the storm, had to get some heat somehow, and started to look around for a fire place, I didn’t even realize if someone was here, it looked abonded. everything was covered with white sheets in one big room, and there were old paintings on the wall, spider webs were all up in the ceilings, this was definitly a real life haunted house, now I was really scared, I yelled with my tweaky little voice that sounded like a mouse, ” hhello, anybody here?”, hoping at least someone else was here besides me, no one answered, ” Hello, I yelled a little louder,as I cleard my throat,anybody home?” still no answer, so I started to walk around the house, As you walk in the front door, it had a long hallway, and there was a room about 10 ft, on the left, it had a arch, and must have been the living or family room, it was fairly big, but no I headed down more, and at the end of the hallway,was another room , must have been the kitchen, again, no doors,just arches, I took a peak and seen the long dining room table sourrounded by big wooden chairs.before you reached the kitchen there was another room on the right, on the left was the stairway that almost looked liked it reached the sky, it was curvy and kept going up, as i walked into the room, I seen the fireplace, “THANK GOD”, I said to myself as I walked up to it, no wood, so decided to look around for some.


images                                               HM_DL_VP7453GhostlyHallway

Then I head it, sounded like chains dragging on the floor, the sound was coming from upstairs, I heard it above me, I headout of the room and looked up the stairway, againts my better judment I head up I reached the top, there was that light I seen from the street, in one of the rooms, man, this could be a motel, had rooms on the left and right of me, and a long wooden hallway, the light was shining in a room at the end of the hallway, When I reached the room, turned the knob, shaking, from fright, not cold, it made a creaky sound as I opened it,but the room was pitched dark, no light no sighns of nothing, Now I was really scared, I darted down the stairs,towards the door I came in.”.hell with this crap,!” I said as I pulled on the door knob, cold or not Im outta here, the door would not budge..”SHIT, HOLLY CRAP, GET ME OUT OF HERE” I was yelling, as I was pulling viciously on the door knob now,pounding at the door, My breath was was hard,heartbeat racing frantically and my hand hurt..I stopped and just stayed there for a minute, resting on the floor as as I slid down onto my butt, knees bent and my head covered with my hands..thinking to myself, ” WAS IT A GHOST?”.

Just as I caught my breath, I heard the chains again, dragging, only this time it was coming from the family room!..I could see the light getting brighter, as I got up and strarted to run away from it, down the hallway, but as I ended up in front of the stairway, I heard a door slam it was coming from the kitchen, Againts my better judgment I ran towards it, As I entered the kitchen, and went around the dining table there was the door. it was locked, There on the floor next to the door, on the left was a picture, I picked it up and there was a soldier on a horse in a knights armor, looked really cool, this picture was old,and looked very expensive, The frame was made of thick wood with carvings on it. the funny thing is the man on the horse had a ball and chain in one hand,The handle was iron,or metal,couldn’t really tell, it was connected to a thick chain that was long enough to reach the floor from his hand, At the end of the chain was a big steel ball with spikes on them,, The horse was also covered with silver light armor,

ir1j6jkcn1bupvucggup                         secrets_ballroom_diningtabl


I was admiring the the picture, I heard the sound again, this time, it was coming from one of the rooms upstairs,I must have fogotten how scared I was, cause I was not scared anymore, I walked up the stairs slowly, the sound was from the same room as before, as I reached the doorway, trying to sneak up quietly, I slowly turned the knob, when I felt the door was opened , the light was still shining and I heard the chain dragging, I THRUSTED THE DOOR OPEN AS FAST AS I COULD, hoping to catch him by surprise, but again as the door was opened, nothing, no sound,no light, no chains,,NOTHING!, I heard someone at the front door, it was being pryed open, as I darted down the stairway, I seen a flashlight shining at me,,”Ralph, is your name Ralph”, the voice yelled, it was a police officer, “Yea, my name is Ralph,”, “:We found him” he yelled behind him, My mom came running in,crying, and just wrapped her arms around me..thanking God I was ok,,by then the house was sourrounded by people, I didn’t realize it, but I must have been there all night, cause it was sunny outside,and there was no rain anymore, As I was walking out of the house with my mom, I seen the picture again, this time it was in front of the door on the right, I picked it up and there it was,..the same man staring at me, on the horse,

Wow, what a night They let me take the picure home with me, and I asked my mom how they knew where I was, she told me that they were looking around the neiborhood and when they came to the corner of apppallosa and alvin,,they found my walkman, so they just started looking around there and heard doors slamming as they approached the house, or mansion..

Driving away in the police car, I looked back and there was kept thinking to myself, ” WAS IT A GHOST?”.



mm_mind-over-matter_tee_white-700x700                 MO_FADED_INCORPORATED_MIND_OVER_MATTER-front-large              36465f32d3af4df06dcd736adea7035f


Recently I have been hearing the word “gluton free”, gluton free diet,foods,etc, and I am not too much into this type of way of eating. We ( who love to eat), will always have the battle of the bulge, so to speak, the foods we love the most seem to be just very bad for us. Now I am not nocking this gluton free way or foods down, I’m sure it is a very healthy way of eating, especially if one wants to lose some weight. The problem with that, is if your like me, once we get so used to eating the foods we eat, we all of a sudden want to lose weight and be more healthy, especially when we getting up in age. We research diets,fads,or whatever to find out which is the best foods to eat, diet to be on, and so on.


diets-1078              Woman carrying fruit-1722625  davidkeenan

I myself, am not on a diet, they just don’t work for me.
Every time I tried to shed the pounds and stay on a certain type of diet, that took me away from all the deliciouse foods that I crave, it worked for awhile, but for some reason or other I found myself back into my old habits. It is like a drug, when one is a drug user,wants to get clean, ends up in jail or whatever, once they are stable, most of the times they end up back in the rut again, “fall of the Wagon”, so to speak.

Experience has taught me this much, everytime I tried a diet and lost weight,felt better,more energy,bla bla, how is it I end up slowly but surely gaining back my weight, and before I know it, I not only gained back the original pounds,but they brought their family pack with them,and now I am bigger than I was before!,. and so that is where I discovered what has been working for me.


short-gray-hair        images        Helen Mirren

A very good friend of mine, had the same problem, she is very active, and works around her house daily, but has had problems with her back, and weight,now she has tried many different types of diets, and just was so disappointed that her pounds were not coming off..she never really gained any more weight, she just couldn’t seem to get the weight she wanted to lose off. So again she did research and she started to do a type of fast, she is very close with God, she told me God has told her to fast, and that is what she did., she has changed her way of eating, she eats very healthy, fruits veges, yogourt, and has stayed with her regime, for some time now, and wow, what a change, she has not only lost weight, her back is better, she is stronger,and really looks good, oh by the way..forgot to mention..she is 71 yrs old.! when I seen how her body has transformed, it was a eye opener for me, so to speak. I thought, ” if this woman who is at the age she is, can still be determined to lose her weight and meet her goal, What damn excuse do I have”..!.
she is all of you people out there who think your too old..well wake up..your not, it’s all in your head!!!..start being more active, and do it slowly, especially if your up in age..if it works for you fine,,if your happy and content with your life style now..that is good too..but if you go around and complain or make lame excuses that your too old..well let me tell you, your not,..she has proved this.!

I have started to change my way of eating, but to me it all starts with God, of course, and the mind frame..your mind is the ruler of your body, not the other way around, too many times we let our bodies speak for us, and the mind is like, ” hey, who’s the boss here..your organs or me!!!”..but we give that power to the body.


stretch                         130408084858-large

Every here the old saying, ” you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it”. ( not sure if that is how it goes., but you get the picture.). That is a very true statement. I have done that and frankly, so have you,without realizing it.
everytime you say ” I am going to go workout today,or cut the grass, clean my car, etc”. and put your mind to it, at that moment it is true, but when the day comes for you to go out and do it,,your body intervenes, and starts making excuses.
“Your too tired, wait till the beginning of the week, hey it’s too cold,too hot, sleep in longer,”, once you listen to your body your mind just lost. We have all done this,right.

I don’t check my weight every 2 days, count calories, eat the same foods I have been, just added less on my plate, or anything related to that, I just started sustituting foods, for example,. I had fried potatoes and eggs every morning,toast, bla bla bla, well now,, I have set my mind to change that. now I have yogurt, or bowl of fruit, small bowl of cereal, etc.
yea my body is craving and begging me to eat some fried foods, but my mind will pass, take it day by day,.

my body will always fight with my mind, it is the main problem with us, but just remember this, your mind is a very powerful organ, and it controls all the organs in your body, so just let it guide you and eventually your body will give in and follow what the mind says.,

I do eat some foods that I enjoy, I want to enjoy my foods, your body will tell you what you need,if you need say potasium, it may crave a food with potasium in it. then when it does do that, go ahead and eat it.

We have to eat some fat, but don’t over do it, just be determined in your mind first and everything else will fall into has worked for me, and hopefully it will help you too.


images          couple-walking         power-walking

My first step in changing my ways..was training my mind, getting it prepared for the long haul, then once it is set in motion, the body next, getting into a workout routine, if your not into working out..walk,,it is good for you, walk down the street to the corner, and back, do it, it’s not hard,( then once you do that for week or so, go farther,not too much but always add, before you know it, your up to a mile!!,get the picure} and let’s be realistic here, if your crippled then of course that is out, but if not, just try it, or stretch in the whatever type of excercise you want, but do it, in time your mind,body,and way of eating will be in stride together with you., no more falling off the wagon, this is your process, how ever long it takes you, fine do it, everyday you make progress your ways of eating and living healthy will reward has so for me..hope this helps.






I see you in pictures, looking at me with those beautiful eyes,
Makes me sometimes wonder, why around you I was so shy,
Your smile takes my breath away, so no matter were you are,
I will forever be so close, and never very far.

Sometimes when I think of you, I let my mind take me away,
walking along the beach, hearing the sounds of ocean waves,
Holding you close to me, while I’m whispering in your ear,
“I will forever always love you ,till my dying breath, my Dear”.


Why is it at times I feel you close,but yet so very far?,
I can almost feel your touch, no matter where you are
Sometimes I see you dancing, and watch your every move,
As you take me by my hand, and then we start to groove.


Again I close my eyes,and hear that beautiful laugh of yours,
Your love is like a potion,running throughout my pours,
It is your love that keeps me going, even when times get hard,
Even though I feel you close, but yet so very far.




NFL: Dallas Cowboys at St. Louis Rams


Well here we go again, Rams fans, is this another cinderella “Kurt Warner” story for us?. I remember when Austin Davis was a rookie, in 2012, he was on fire, sharp and very energetic. When he took the field the team rallied und him and they actually played better with him than our starter then Sam Bradford. Some how he was pushed to the end of his class back then, never started, or used in a backup situation, considering the fact that first, he was only a rookie, was the 4th string QB, behind some talented QB’s we had on our roster, so in a way it was a blessing. He was never put in a tough situation, and who knows, if he had been put in then, in the same situation he was put in now, would he have been just as good?, I don’t believe he would have, I truly believe we are a team on the rise, and we had a gold mine lucky ace, in the hole right under our noses, but nobody ever really knew. I truly believe that someone on the coaching staff seen the talent of this kid.

One thing I love about fisher, is that he knows talent. I think he was the one who seen talent in Austin Davis. Last season he was not a quarterback that had reached his potential, and he still isn’t, His worst season to me, was last year, He played very poorly, threw interceptions, was not as accurate, and alot of other things that I won’t get into right now. Jeff Fisher to me, always believed in this kid, if not he would not have brought him back, and there was our blessing, some how, when he was cut from the rams, for whatever reason, I believe it made Austin Davis grow up, He needed to prove to himself, that if he were just given one more chance, to be on a N.F.L. team, he would play his heart and soul out for them. Austin Davis is a leader, first he believes in himself, he knows his potential, he has handled tough sitations as a unexperienced QB, in the toughest division in pro football, and has progressed. I would take this kid and put him againts any QB in the and he would come out on top,

Jeff Fisher now knows he has a QB. The recievers now know they have someone that they can rally behind and make him shine, But most important, the team has seen their future leader. Austin Davis didn’t break Brett Farrs record in college by accident, no, he earned that win,and we see it now, I am so glad we have a ” gladiator” leader on our team, no need to look elsewhere for a QB, in my opinion, rams need to drop Bradford, save some money and go out and get some more talented players to help take this team to another level. We ram fans are on the rise, Rome was not built in a day, and neither will this dynasty be. We are going to win superbowls,and if the coaches on our staff right now don’t get their head out of their asses and start shaping up, they will be gone.!!

this starts unfortately with fisher, He to me, is a great coach, and I truly believe he will get tough with whoever doesn’t do their job on his staff, that starts with Our offense corrordinator, Scotty Shottenhiemerer, either he starts to get some BALLS, and make call the plays he needs to, instead of this nickle and dime crap, he must go, but fisher has to let him do it too, fisher needs to somehow understand that the only way he is going to get a championship team, is he might have to change his strategy, With Bradford , it started with the running game, but now with Austin Davis, I believe we need to mix it up, Pass, play action, then run and screens..We need to go and have some type of “WEST COAST STYLE” of plays.

Now one thing we really need to look at is the damn Defense, We need the D that was promised to us, by Gregg Williams, hell, his son, had a better D, in 2012, then we were bad ass, I don’t see it now, so come Gregg, GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS, and get this D in gear,if we plug up this crack, we will not have no more leaks,and we will WIN,WIN,WIN!!!.. everytime.
This is my opinion, ok, you can either agree with me or not, I don’t care, but the only thing I do care about is that one, RAMS COME BACK TO L.A., THIS IS YOUR HOME, ALWAYS WAS,AND ALWAYS WILL BE..second, WE NOW HAVE A QB THAT IS YOUNG, TALENTED,AND CAN WIN US MANY SUPERBOWLS, IF WE CAN JUST HELP HIM OUT, And third,WE SHUT SHOW EVERYONE ONCE AND FOR ALL, THAT WE ARE THE TEAM TO BEAT.GO RAMS..!!!





              Today I was down in my hometown to visit family and had a chance to see some ” Youth Football games”,(our team is called ” Guadalupe Bulldogs”) I thought it was so cool, seeing alot of young kids playing their hearts out for their families and hometown. I chatted with friends, some whom I haven’t seen in so long and seen their kids and grandkids playing. This is a great thing to see. The support was great also, and not only from home teams, there were families that brought along all the kids,friends, snacks,lunches, water, for the whole team. These are the moments kids remember,the fun,loyalty, inspiration they get from just playing, Win or lose the kids have fun, and that is what is most important. 


       My cousin and Brother are coaches for the senior class,( My cousin, was actually one of the many coaches that helped bring back youth football to our town). there are many other classes also, with great coaches who help run this program. Most local towns participate also,they come as far as Hour away to play. There are even professional photographers taking pictures of the kids running,catching,hitting, they have them displayed for parents to see them and purchase them if they wish. I know every town is different and Youth Football have different outcomes, depending on the towns people or the locals that run that particular program. One thing is for sure, I do believe that some of the kids go on to play in high school, college and end up in the N.F .L. all because they had people that cared enough to give them a opportunity to better their lives.My hats off to all the parents who sacrafice not only their time and support,but the love,support  and dedication they give to their kids.


             Living in a barrio that has alot gang activity, and a lot of parents trying to raise their kids on low income, It’s hard for them to make ends meet., but if they didn’t do this for their kids,(getting them involved in some type of sports program) those same kids most likely would end up in a gang and live that type of life style, becuase they had no other opportunity to make a better choice with their free time. Schools do have certain types of programs to help the kids, but as sad to say, it’s just not enough. Football takes their time and energy . When they get out of school, they have to go t so practice, and by the time they get home, eat, do their homwork ther’re too tired too do anything else, they just want to sleep. We have seen many stories of how great N.F.L players were in the same situatiaon, and went to become great athletes, but it all start s at home, with “Youth Fooball”. I am just glad we have it back in our town, to give our kids the opportunity they had.


human-spine-diagram A few days ago, I threw my back out of whack. I had hurt my back about a year ago, and couldn’t even walk, but , I was blessed with a great chiropractor who became my friend,and fixed my back. Oh I would continue to go to him about twice a month but eventually just needed to go once. a month..until the other day. I was working outside and somehow twisted my back, don’t know how, just felt it, and what I did was sprained one of my abdominal muscles .. and that was it, few hours later I was on my bed resting and couldn’t get up. My back was so tight on the lower part of my back,( around the mid section) I could not stand up straight. After my chiropractor finished working on my back, he told me I tore one of my muscle tendons.He also said it was caused by my added weight,even though I had already started to lose some weight,it hasn’t been enough.My back will take about 6 weeks to heal meanwhile I will have to go in for some more treatments.The picture (above) shows the different types of nerves and muscles al along the spinal chord, ( my pain is right where the abdominal muscles are located) If you ever had problems with your back, which the majority of people do, then you would know the kind of pain I’m talking about.there are many injuries that are associated with back problems,these pics show some of them.:cervical_spinal_cord_injury_jane_doe_as.png  spinal-damageSpinal_Cord_Disorders_-_Malformations_-_Scoliosis_L

                   Years back I had experienced this type of pain  in my back, just not as severe. At the time, I did not  realized what caused it,nor did I go to a chiropractor, it took a  few  days to heal..but of course I was alot younger then and my back was stronger, but also was not overweight so much. I won’t get into my exact weight,but will say I do need to shred some pds.I have started a new way of eating, don’t consider it dieting, that never works, just a change of foods, and little by little take away a bad high calorie food I love, for low calorie food, I can start to learn to like. I do love salads, and certain types of go from there.

13601256(300x300)My chiropractor suggested to either lose weight to take the work load off the back, or go ahead and eat hearty and the back will in time decide for you, when you are no longer able to stand or walk, and have constant back pain for the rest of your life. Now that to me is a eye opener, I have a pretty solid strong back,( according to him) but it will weaken and eventually break to a point of no return if I continue on the way I am going. Well for those of you who are not aware of how important it is to be at the proper weight depending your size, all that extra weight you carry causes your back to work harder just like the heart, but the back will go before the heart in most cases, depending on how heavy or how one eats.Age is no different, if your young and heavy, your back will age quicker than you because of the extra strain. Read up on it,see the results for yourself. Just my way of hoping to save you from going thru this exetremely high strain of pain, I have a very high tolerance for pain, but this type of pain, is harder than any other I have encountered, because it is surrounded by bones and nerves. ouch!, hope this little article helps you.

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