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images Why is waking up so hard to do. is it because our bodies are so much set into a sort of shutdownmode that when when the time comes to wake it up,it rejects our minds alarm clock. Most of us are not morining people, I don’t know the exat stat on that, but most of the people I know find it hard to wake up in the morning.I myself am a morning person. I do get that lazy feeling too, to hesitate and sleep in at times,but in general, my body is acustomed to waking
itself up no later than 6:30 a.m.
The body is like a computer when it wakes up, it goes thru all the same procedures and the brain makes all its regular checks before it lets the body know all is fine and everthing seems to be in order, like a computer which runs through its normal startup procedure process. Even with all that, some of us just hate to get up, and the longer we seemEven with all that, some of us just hate to get up, and the longer we seem to resist waking up the harder it becomes,then we are forced too.
activities-in-the-morning-wake-up-early   Moms have it the toughest, they have to actually wake up earlier to get kids ready for school,make breakfast,check their daily schedule, and get the ball rolling, so to speak to start a brand new day. They are the roosters they get everyone else up, whether they like it or not. there are exeptions to the rule, not all moms do this, I would say those that have kids still in school. Hopefully your not like me, when we were young, one bathroom,six boys and everyone of us doing the pee pee dance,while waiting our mom has had her share of getting things done,especially with six boys and no girls!!. How she did it, only God knows.Hands off to you mom, for going thru all that for us.

When-Siblings-Should-Stop-Bathing-Together  Dads, well we are just big boys, now, still try and sleep in little longer,wait till everyone goes and uses the bathroom, so that we can go in and relaxe without any interuptions, before we head out for the office, construction site or whatever we do to provide for our families. The kids are yelling at each other, picking on the sisters, and trying to cut in front of them so they can use the bathroom first, because we guys know, once they get in there, we might as well go use the neighbors bathroom or build a outhouse,cause they will not be coming out of there anytime soon. Remember when we were kids and shared the bathroom, took baths together, played together, too bad we had to grow up.

Life is funny, look at all we have to go thru just to get ready for what the day will bring us, and even before our morning coffee. These are just part of lifes wonderful challenges we go thru daily, but never really think about.







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