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Last night, after talking with a friend of mine that is down visiting her family here made me realize something. ” How committed am I to the things I truly believe in, and the people that are most important to me”?
You see ” COMMITTMENT” is something we all have but most don’t even realize, but “TRUE COMMITTMENT” is the oppossite, it is something we don’t have and pretty much know it. let me give u some examples people:
I am ” COMMITTED” to getting up every morning and having my cup of coffee before anything else.
I am ” COMMITTED”to making sure that I will take the day off tomorrow, no matter what.
I am ” COMMITTED” to hanging out with my friends today and watching the Rams take on the 40 Niners
no matter if my wife,or husband gets pissed, and has to take care of the kids!
Now, let’s turn these examples of commitment we made to ourselves, to

” I am going to be ” TRULY COMMITTED” from this day forward, in waking up every morning and thanking JESUS, for another day of life,and for keeping his hand on all my family and sending guardian angels to be with them all the day through, before I have my cup of coffee.
“I am going to be ” TRULY COMMITTED” to going in to work today, no matter how tired and lazy I feel, cause this is what I need to do to provide food and shelter for my wife and kids, even though I really feel like taking the day off.

“I am going to be ” TRULY COMMITTED” to my wife or husband, first,and if that means missing the big game today because he/she is not feeling well and needs me to help with the kids, that is what I will do, because they are first priority, and I can always record and watch the game later.

Do you see what I mean..committment is easy..cause we do it all the time..but to be ” TRULY COMMITTED” takes work,,like working out, getting up, every morning and going to the gym or taking that run, so we can lose those xtra pnds we carry around. It takes true work and “TRUE COMMITTMENT”. to accomplish those isn’t easy. .because exercising isn’t fun at all at first, but once you are again ” TRULY COMMITTED” to it, in time it starts becoming part of your every day routine.

I have made some ‘TRUE COMMITTMENTS”, and will do more, so today I challenge all of you to do the same..make a list of say 3 things that u will be ” TRULY COMMITTED” to and determined to see it thru no matter what, if u do that, I believe you will be a happier person within yourself for doing so,.because “:THIS IS HOW WE ROLL PEOPLE”, have a great day.

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